Zayn Malik Talks New Mind of Mine Merch

With the release of a new album comes the release of new merchandise and that is exactly the route that Zayn went with Mind of Mine. Zayn’s merchandise is very personal to him, he states in a Vogue interview, “Everything we created with the idea that this is something I would want to wear, I wanted to approach this as an opportunity to extend my ideas as an artists, and to give fans another facet of who I am.”  Zayn finds many ways to connect with his fans and having merchandise that represent clothing that is ‘in’ and something that he himself, as a 23-year-old would wear emphasizes the connection that he hopes to make beyond the lyrics in his songs.

Zayn Malik Talks Mind of Mine Merch 1

The merchandise that Zayn created isn’t your typical merchandise for an artist. As he stated, he wanted it to be clothes that he could wear and that had a deeper meaning. It’s seen through the words that are written on the clothes in Urdu, “My family is from Pakistan, so having artwork in Urdu has huge significance to me,” Zayn said, the words in Urdu read “Mind” and “Zayn”. Along with the Urdu writing Zayn teamed up with illustrator Mark Wilkinson for this project, Zayn goes on to say that his favorite shirt by Wilkinson was the “Z-Day” apocalyptic piece.

You can purchase Zayn’s merchandise on where the prices rage for $30-$300. Tweet us your about your favorite pieces in Zayn’s collection and don’t forget to send us some photos in your gear once it arrives to our “all things Zayn” Twitter account – @CelebMixZayn

Written by CelebMix