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Zayn Malik’s Most Popular Instagram Pictures

Zayn Malik didn’t have his Instagram account until the middle of 2015. The former member of One Direction created his Instagram account a little while after he left the famous boyband. The singer doesn’t follow anyone on the popular app, yet he has 5,9 million followers. Zayn has created a black and white theme on his profile, and his pictures always look gorgeous. We have listed his 10 most liked Instagram photos.

10. Fader cover

Zayn’s 10th most liked picture on Instagram is a photo from his photoshoot for the magazine Fader. The photo has over 53 thousand comments praising him on his good looks.

9. Gaming

We aren’t sure how to feel about this one, but we’ll just say it makes us feel all the things and we wouldn’t say no to a day devoted to Zayn and video games.

8. Bearded selfie

Many of Zayn’s most liked pictures are selfies, and many of them are the same style. The singer is always showing his left side to the camera, which may suggest that he thinks that it is his “good side”. We think he looks gorgeous no matter what though.

7. Shoulder tattoos

The seventh most popular photo looks a lot like the one above. The difference is that Zayn isn’t wearing a shirt in this one, so it is possible to see his shoulder tattoos.

6. Smoking hot

In this picture, Zayn is showing his other side and he looks amazing. We are a bit jealous of his long eyelashes. The singer is also holding a cigarette in his mouth which has received mixed feelings from his many followers.

5. Cuddles with his dog

The fifth most liked photo is of Zayn and his dog. This has to be one of the cutest things we have ever seen!

4. Topless shot

Zayn Malik is showing off some of his many tattoos in this topless shot. We would definitely not complain if he chose to post more pictures like this one!

3. Zayn Malik, king of selfies

His third most liked Instagram photo looks a lot like number eight and seven. His nose piercing is noticeable in this one, and he’s squinting his eyes at the camera.

2. Polaroid with rumored girlfriend

The second most liked picture on Zayn’s Instagram account is a picture of him and his rumored girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. The photo has received over a million likes in three weeks.

1. Plane selfie

Zayn’s most liked picture is another selfie. He is looking a bit tired in this one, but he is beautiful as always.

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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