Zayn Opens Up About Living In The Limelight In New Interview

The theme for issue 13 of Highsnobiety Magazine is independence, and Zayn- perhaps the embodiment of the theme- is one of four stars to be featured on the cover.

Zayn Opens Up About Living In The Limelight In New Interview 4

In this latest interview, the singer takes issue with the word celebrity and the dangers behind the label.

I hate the word celebrity. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity, because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people

Elaborating, he touches on his ability to see right through those who hang our him for purely selfish intentions.

Zayn Opens Up About Living In The Limelight In New Interview 2

The topic inevitably moves to the subject of One Direction, and the reaction among the fans and press when news broke of his departure. The 23-year old goes on to note the pressure that comes with living life in the spotlight.

I try not to take [my actions] into consideration too much because if I did, I’d never do anything

With every tweet, quote, and action under scrutiny, Zayn admits that it’s an incredible amount of pressure to be under. He clarifies that being a role model was a title he never claimed for himself.

In the same breath, he mentions a certain kind of persona one needs to “make it” in the industry.

It’s cynical to say, but I think to really ‘make it’ in a commercial sense, you have to be a bit of a faker. If you’re not going to be fake, then you need a really thick skin. You have to not give a shit what people think about you. You have to guide your own career and not follow other people’s expectations of what kind of artist they want you to be

Zayn is undoubtedly speaking from experience and this attitude played a hand in the success of his debut solo album, Mind of Mine, which was released in March of this year. When asked about any new music, Zayn’s answer is brief, revealing that he is in the studio right now.

Zayn Opens Up About Living In The Limelight In New Interview 3

The future for Zayn looks bright. With an independent spirit, he certainly puts his own words into practice, not holding himself up to anyone’s expectations of him as an artist, and guiding his own career. It’s not been easy for the singer, he confesses. A plethora of conflicting emotions has come with his launch to fame, but Zayn maintains his humble disposition.

I’m curious to see where it all goes from here. The not knowing is what makes it exciting, but daunting, too. And I’m appreciative of the fact that I have this opportunity. I don’t ever let myself take this for granted

You can read the entire interview here. Click here to order your copy!

Zayn filmed a video with Highsnobiety, titled Zayn’s World. Impeccably dressed, Zayn’s smolder takes on the supernatural. Check it out below!

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