Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes Year Review

Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes are both amazing YouTubers that are conveniently dating each other, their ship name is Zalfie. Zalfie live together and have a dog named Nala, and two guinea pigs named Pippin and Percy.  They also had an incredible 2015!

nala christmas 19

Zalfie’s life is very cute with their animals, but they also had an amazing year business wise!  Zoe Sugg has a main YouTube account called, Zoella, and a vlogging account called, MoreZoella.  The Zoella page has 9.7 million subscribers, while MoreZoella has 3.7 million subscribers.

On Zoella, Zoe posts really any type of video, such as how-to beauty videos, how-to food videos, and even during Christmas – Christmas videos! Zoe occasionally uses her vlogging channel, MoreZoella, but she uses it mostly for Vlogmas, which is 24 vlogs during the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

Zoe also has a blog where she posts about beauty, food, life, places, style, and lets fans know where to purchase items she features.  She is coming out with a book as well, called Girl Online: On Tour. This is her 3rd book, the first two being: Girl Online, and Girl Online 2 both in 2014.

Zoe also has a brother who is a YouTuber- Joe Sugg! Powerful family!

Zoe has a makeup line called Zoella Beauty and has been one of the fastest-selling makeup brands of the year in England.

In addition, Zoe is a self proclaimed anxiety activist. She is always helping others manage their anxiety by talking about it on her YouTube pages, which helps her subscribers with their own lives. Many people who are going through anxiety like she’s experienced find it nice to relate to someone who isn’t afraid to talk about anxiety openly. Thanks, Zoe!

From having YouTube channels, to releasing books, having a successful makeup line, and being in many magazines, Zoe Sugg has had an amazing year!

Alfie Deyes has 3 YouTube channels; PointlessBlog- with 4.8 million subscribers, PointlessBlogVlogs- with 2.8 million subscribers, and PointlessBlogGames- with 1.5 million subscribers.

Alfie was also part of a YouTube boy band that consisted of himself, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, and Jim Chapman.

Alfie’s main channel, PointlessBlog posts about anything from challenge videos, to adventure videos, to Christmas videos.  He blogs almost every day so PointlessBlogVlogs is always in use!  Alfie posts videos of his everyday life, amd what he’s always up to – his fans love getting to know him better through this!

Alfie’s gaming channel involves him playing requested online games, and his Sim game that he plays with girlfriend and fellow YouTuber, Zoe Sugg.

Alfie has released 2 books: The Pointless Book (2014), and The Pointless Book (2015).  He’s also has released merchandise items over the course of 2015.  They all sold out very quickly after their releases.

Alfie has had a pretty busy year, between his YouTube channels, his books, merchandise, and his day to day life!


Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes are amazing and deserve all the best. We hope that they continue their success and have a great 2016! Good Luck! You’re amazing people!

You can follow Zoe Sugg on twitter: @ZozeeBo, and Alfie Deyes: @PointlessBlog

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