Alexandra Stan Has Released Infectious New Single & Music Video “Boy Oh Boy”

Breaking away from releasing music under Global Records; Alexandra Stan has released her first single under her own record label, titled “Boy Oh Boy”. She has previously released two teasing video clips in the run-up to today’s release.

Released on Alexandra Stan Records, “Boy Oh Boy” definitely has a reggae-influenced style; which makes it the perfect transition single from “9 Lives“. This shows the new direction Alexandra Stan plans to take for her new music, and we hope it won’t be long until she drops her fourth studio album.

From the credits, we know that the music and the lyrics were written by Alexandra Stan, Marius Mirica, and Andi Grasu; it was composed by Marius Mirica and Alexandra Stan; and, it was co-produced by Alexandra Stan Records and Narcotic Creation. The video credits claim that it was created by NGM Creative, directed by Bogdan Paun, and the director of photography was Alexandru Muresan.

Watch Alexandra Stan’s Music Video To “Boy Oh Boy” Here:

The music video is a typical Alexandra Stan profile visual. A pure performance piece, she brings her usual stage presence and energetic vibes, whilst managing to display a relaxed vigour. She is clearly having a lot of fun shooting the video, which was filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

During the filming of the video, she posted lots of teasers on her Instagram, which we have collated for you in both our previous articles. Of the video, Alexandra Stan mentioned that she wanted to capture Asian culture, their people, and its atmosphere, with the visual. Her team met many helpful people who even wanted to be a part of the video.

As for the song, itself; Alexandra Stan’s vocals are on point throughout. She keeps to her usual style, adding flavour, texture, and progression. As for the meaning behind the song, the lyrics suggest a relationship where a guy is always breaking her heart even though she knows that he actually cares for her. Such a deep emotional message behind this infectious tune.

“Boy Oh Boy” is available to download and stream on every platform, now. Choose how you want to listen to the song here. It has been released on her own record label Alexandra Stan Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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