Francesco Gabbani To Represent Italy At Eurovision 2017 With “Occidentali’s Karma”

After winning Sanremo 2017, Francesco Gabbani revealed that he will be representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, with his winner’s song “Occidentali’s Karma”.

The Sanremo 2017 contest took place on 11 February 2017. The winner of the contest would be asked to represent Italy at Eurovision 2017, but the winner isn’t guaranteed as the representative as touring schedule and other commitments could clash. However, the winner has confirmed he will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The song “Occidentali’s Karma” comes with, what we’re calling, the gorilla dance. We reckon Francesco Gabbani will be bringing it to the stage in Kyiv, Ukraine, in May. He might just get us all standing up and doing the gorilla dance too.

Check Out Francesco Gabbani’s Music Video To “Occidentali’s Karma” Here:

As for the artist, himself, he rose to fame in the Sanremo Music Festival 2016 under the newcomers’ category, with his popular song “Amen”; which he went on to win with. The following year, he returned under the Big Artists’ category, and he won once again. Now he’s the representative for Italy.

Italy last won the contest in 1990. Last year they came 16th with Francesca Michielin who sang “No Degree Of Separation”. Francesco Gabbani is hoping to do better for his country. Italy is part of the Big Five, and so they will go straight to the Grand Final, which takes place on 13 May 2017.

Many countries are currently choosing and announcing their acts, so far we’ve got: Cyprus’ Hovig, The Netherlands’ O’G3NE, Belgium’s Blanche, Macedonia’s Jana BurceskaAzerbaijan’s DiHajIreland’s Brendan Murray, Austria’s Nathan TrentAlbania’s Lindita, Armenia’s ArtsvikMontenegro’s Slavko KalezicGreece’s Demy, Georgia’s Tako Gachechiladze, Belarus’s NaviThe United Kingdom’s Lucie JonesFinland’s Norma John, Switzerland’s Timebelle, France’s Alma, Germany’s Levina, and Spain’s Manel Navarro.

What do you make of Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karma”? Has it got a chance at winning the Eurovision Song Contest? What do you make of the gorilla dance? Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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