Track-By-Track Album Review: Fergie – Double Dutchess

Can you believe it’s been 11 years since Fergie released her debut studio album? It has definitely been a long wait but it has definitely been worth it. Double Dutchess is an incredible 13-track album that showcases Fergie’s diversity within music and her brilliant vocal range. The album is a masterpiece and even contains a Visual Experience video to go with it.

If you have been following our Fergie articles on site, you would’ve seen most of the visuals by now. Fergie continues to drop the videos corresponding to each of the songs on her album, as part of the Double Dutchess Visual Experience, on her YouTube Channel. Almost all of them have been released.

This album has been a long-time coming, but Fergie has truly impressed us all. Her voice, her songs, the visual experience, and the overall concept is completely unforgettable. Double Dutchess is one of this year’s best albums that we have heard.

Hungry (feat. Rick Ross)

The opening track is “Hungry”, and what an opener it is. We’ve been so hungry for music, we’ve been starving; so, what a way to start this album. It’s a very haunting track, that features Rick Ross. It shows a brand new era for Fergie and she’s so ready to show off her music, that this opening track eases the listeners into the album. We’re so ready for this.

Like It Ain’t Nuttin’

It transcends perfectly on to the next track “Like It Ain’t Nuttin'”. This song feels like Fergie has all this stuff in her head and she’s splurged it onto this track. It’s certainly unique and we reckon that no one would be able to cover this song all the while doing it justice. This is so a Fergie song. Catchy, unstoppable, and full of fire.

You Already Know (feat. Nicki Minaj)

This has been a collaboration that we’ve all been waiting to happen; actually, we’ve been calling for this collaboration for many years and the results are beyond anything we could’ve imagined. It’s a groovy track that definitely helps the listener progress into the next songs. It works well on its own but could get lost amongst these brilliant tracks.

Just Like You

Now, this is the one people are comparing with Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” purely because they have the same lyric. These songs are off the radar different, and Fergie completely knocks this out! It works well as a transitioning track on the album. This really shows her off as an artist, she can literally sing anything. This is flat-out emotional and meaningful.

A Little Work

Now, this is where it gets personal. The song exactly reflects Fergie in every way, it totally stands out to every listener and the visual explains why she hasn’t released solo music in for so long. Well, we’ve wanted a brilliant album from her, and this song is totally the central solid track. The leader that controls the whole album. “A Little Work” is beyond relatable and brings a Kesha “Praying” vibe; actually can this be re-released as a collaboration with Kesha? Please!

Life Goes On

Talk about a complete contrast to the previous song. This is such a summer anthem from Fergie, one that never was. It’s carefree and very pop, which isn’t what we expected from this awesome female singer on this album. However, it shows her beautiful voice off and really proves she’s diverse in every way.

M.I.L.F. $

This is just the weird awesome track that we can’t get enough of. It’s almost a Fergie version of Kelis’ “Milkshake”, and it is beyond catchy. This is the thing about Fergie, she’s full of surprises when it comes to music and this is one of those that are different and unique. Yet, there’s a brilliant verse towards the end that is pure, fierce, Fergie, fire!

Save It Til Morning

We said that this is “Big Girls Don’t Cry” 2.0, and we’re still sticking to that. It’s a much more adult version of that song and continues to showcase her beautiful vocals. It’s outstanding that she still can sing about these things and fill it with so much emotion. We relate to this in every single way, and there’s just not enough words to describe this awesome song.

Enchanté (Carine) [feat. Axl Jack]

This is an adorably cute song, that we’re so glad she included on the album. Her son, Axl Jack, features on the song and it’s incredibly clever how they’ve used his vocals to spread joy and happiness. You can’t help but smile every time you hear this song, and that is certainly what makes this one special.


This is another that shows off her diversity. It’s definitely Fergie, yet it wouldn’t be the typical song we expect from her. DJs would certainly mix this one up and set it alight on dancefloors around the world. It has a Kylie Minogue feel to it. Fergie’s voice is stunning on this track completely. It’s groovy, real, and honest.

L.A.LOVE (la la) [feat. YG]

This was her first single released from this album, and it really brought her straight back into the music industry. Little did we know we’d have to wait three years after this single release for a second studio album. Regardless, we now have this awesome album so it was totally worth it. This song still manages to fit on this album spreading love and parties and celebrations. Fergie nails it once again.

Love Is Blind

This is a total relaxer track that is seriously giving us reggae vibes. It also feels like it’s an ode to her previous album, great ballads like “Finally” and “Mary Jane Shoes” didn’t get the spotlight they totally deserved. This track is fairly similar whilst giving us summer beach vibes at the same time.

Love Is Pain

Okay, so it’s clear Fergie is teaching us that Love is many different things. We’ve gone from a lovely summer track about love, to a painful emotional one to end this entire album. She describes our feelings at the thought of the ending of this album. It has a lot of rock vibes, throwing us back to her incredible collaboration with Slash, titled “Beautiful Dangerous”. This is a total rock anthem from Fergie, one we hope she’ll perform with a live band at some point. Definitely one of our favourites.

There is also a hidden two-minute track which starts off with some “Hungry” beats, Axl Jack saying the album’s title, and Fergie checking in to say hi and bye. Singing us out.

As a whole, Fergie has dropped one of the best albums of this year. We’ve waited a long time for this and Fergie has completely delivered in every single way. She’s stamped herself right back into the music industry, right where she belongs.

Who says that an 11-year break is harmful to your career? Yes, she might not get high single chart placings, and she might not reach the rankings her debut album got. However, it’s not like she needs that; instead, she’s gifted her fans with awesome music, and an album we will all treasure until the end of time.

Fergie proves that she’s one of the most diverse female artists in the industry. One, any musician in any genre, would be able to collaborate with. Her vocals are on point in every single way; and, Double Dutchess showcases that in every single way.

What do you make of Fergie’s “Double Dutchess” album? We’d give it 5/5 stars, easily. Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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