10 Reasons Why We Love Camila Cabello

In honour of #WeLoveCamilaCabello being a worldwide trend yesterday, we decided to round up ten reasons why we love the amazing Camila Cabello. There are a lot of reasons to love Camila but we had to pick only ten or we would be here forever!

1. Her precious smile/laugh

10 Reasons Why We Camila Cabello 1

When Camila smiles it instantly makes us smile because we love seeing our idol happy. Camila has one of the most beautiful smiles ever and we love it when she smiles or laughs. She is always laughing or smiling and that’s why we love her so much. She always makes fans happy with her beautiful smile and her contagious laugh.

2. Her hilarious jokes and her fun personality

One of the things we love most about Camila is that she is hilarious and she doesn’t even now it. She has such a fun personality and is always having a great time. Every time she tells a joke we can’t help but laugh because she is honestly one of the most funniest people ever. She never fails to make us laugh, even when we are feeling down.

3. She loves her fans so much

She loves her fans so much and she tweets them to show them how much she loves them. She has so much respect for her fans and always makes sure to thank them when she achieves something or Fifth Harmony achieve something. She is so grateful for her fans and that’s why we love being part of the Harmonizer fandom. We all love Camila as much as she loves us, thank you Camila for making us feel special.

4. She is really kind to her fans

Every time she meets a fan she treats them like her equals and doesn’t act like a celebrity who is more superior than them. She cares so much for her fans safety and doesn’t like to see them hating or harming themselves. We can tell that she really loves meeting her fans by the huge smile that is on her face while she interacts with them. Personally we think Camila would be an amazing person to meet because she is such a caring person and cares a lot about her fans.

5. She cares a lot for her family and loves spending time with them

We can tell from the way she talks about her family in interviews and on social media, that she loves them deeply and is very close to them. We love her amazing bond with her little sister Sofi and we love seeing pictures of them together. Not only do we love Camila but we also love Sofi, she is adorable. We also love seeing Camila with her parents Alejandro and Sinu Cabello. Everyone here at CelebMix love the Cabello family.

6. Her amazing vocals

Camila is such an amazing and inspirational singer and we love listening to her singing. Camila has posted numerous covers online, such as Skyscraper, Love Yourself, Stressed Out, and many more. She has such a unique voice and that’s what makes her so special. She is always able to hit the high notes and never disappoints us with her performances. We love watching her perform because she has great stage presence and always amazes us with her outstanding vocals. We could listen to Camila sing for hours!

7. Her snapchat videos and pictures

We always love watching her snapchat story because she always posts funny content, which always makes us laugh. We love it when she uses the filters, especially the dog one, she looks so cute with it! Here are some of her best snapchat videos:

8. Her amazing friendships

Camila has a lot of friends for example, Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift, but our favourite has obviously got to be her friendship with the rest of the Fifth Harmony girls. We love seeing the girls hang out together and love it when they post pictures and videos of them with each other, it’s adorable. They have all shared such memorable and funny moments together. They all started out as five girls who didn’t even know each other and know they have such an unbreakable bond that can never be replaced. They went from being five normal girls to a multi-platinum girl group, that’s pretty amazing!

9. Her hilarious and random tweets

We practically live for Camila’s hilarious and random tweets. She is definitely one of the funniest people on Twitter. One minute her Twitter can be full of funny tweets that make no sense and next minute she is tweeting inspirational and meaningful quotes. She really does tweet whatever is on her mind, that’s why we love her, we always know what’s on her mind. What we love most about Camila’s Twitter is that she can express herself and speak her mind on it. We also love her Twitter because she can post funny tweets or serious tweets, whenever she wants.


10. Camila being Camila

What we love most about Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is that she is Camila. We love that she can be her dorky self and not worry about being judged. We love her beautiful smile and her contagious laugh. We love her funny and random tweets. We love how close she is with her family. We love all of her friendships. We love her hilarious snapchat stories. We love her amazing vocals. We love how kind she is to her fans. We love how much she loves her fans. We love every single thing about her, even if she is a dork, she is our dork. We all love her the way she is and wouldn’t want her to change a single thing, we love her no matter what, that’s why us Harmonizers decided to start the trend #WeLoveCamilaCabello, to show Camila how much she really means to us. Thanks for making us smile and laugh everyday Camila, thanks for being you!

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We also would like to give a shoutout to @5HBHBProject on Twitter who are starting a thing called 5H week which is basically a project where each day is dedicated to one of the girls with tweets, pictures, videos, drawings and more. They started this project to show how much the girls mean to us and how much we love them, make sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with the project and other ones they will be doing.

We love Camila and the rest of the Fifth Harmony girls so much!

10 Reasons Why We Love Camila Cabello 1

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Written by CelebMix