18 Underrated Shawn Mendes Songs

With Shawn turning 18 in a week and a new album slowly coming our way, we thought that we’d go back through all of his songs and tell you which ones we think are underrated and need more appreciation.

1. Believe 

Shawn did this song for the soundtrack of the Disney movie Descendants. It’s such a feel good song with an amazing video to go alongside it.

2. One Of Those Nights

It’s said Shawn doesn’t like this song but we personally love it! It’s great lyrically but has a faster pace at the same time which makes it great to sing along to.

3. Show You

The video for Show You came out just over two years ago now but we still can’t get enough of it. It’s such a fun song and also amazing live!

4. Imagination

We love this song because it’s got such a great story throughout the whole song. It’s quite a slow song and is definitely underrated, we need a live version as soon as possible.

5. Crazy

This song was released on Handwritten last year. It’s such a beautiful song and Shawn’s voice sounds incredible, you can really feel the emotion in his voice.

6. This Is What It Takes

A very powerful song, our favourite lyric is ” ’cause underneath the darkness, there’s a light that’s trying so hard to be seen”.

7. Act Like You Love Me

Act Like You Love Me is a really emotional song but also amazing to hear live. It was released on Shawn’s Handwritten Revisited album.

8. Memories

Memories was also released on the Handwritten Revisited album. Just like all of Shawn’s songs, it is so well written.

9. Running Low

Another one of Shawn’s songs that has a strong story throughout the song, our favourite lyric is “And when I looked into your eyes oh I never thought I’d say goodbye”.

10. A Little Too Much (Live At Greek Theater)

A Little Too Much is an amazing song and even better live. We love this version because you can hear the passion in his voice and the crowd singing back.

11. The Weight

The video for this is nearly two years old and we still love it just as much to this day.

12. Bring It Back

This song has such an amazing pre chorus and although the lyrics are quite emotional, it is quite an upbeat song.

13. Don’t Want Your Love (Target Bonus)

This was only released as a bonus song on the Target edition of Handwritten so a lot of people don’t know about it. It’s such an upbeat song and seems like it would be great live.

14. Lost (Target Bonus)

Lost was also only released as a Target bonus song. The lyrics are so relatable and the chorus is especially passionate.

15. Kid In Love (Acoustic Bathroom Version)

Acoustic versions of songs are always so great because you can really hear how amazing somebody’s voice is, which is exactly why we love this.

16. I Don’t Even Know Your Name (Acoustic)

Another acoustic song for the exact same reasons as before. You can really see how much passion he puts into singing and performing and how much he truly loves it.

17. Drag Me Down (One Direction Cover)

Is this cheating? This cover is so amazing and we love how Shawn has put his own little twists into the song to make it his own.

18. Counting Stars (Cover)

Throwing it right back with another cover, but it’s just so good that it had to be on here. As always his voice sounds awesome.

So that’s all 18 songs down! Are there any songs we missed that you think deserve more attention? Tweet us @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix