24 Best Louis Videodiary Lines

Just because we are so melancholic every year any of the boys get a little bit older we thought about listing 24 of the best Louis Videodiary lines.

24 Best Louis Videodiary Lines 1

Enjoy the eighteen/nineteen year old Louis being philosophic

24. She’s mine!

23. No, Jimmy protested!

22. Ahhhh! The light!

21. Would you be a bin?

20. The hell does it look like I’m doing it?

19. Somebody needs help! *rips out of the flannel and shows the Superman shirt*

18. I’d like to be Harry because I’d love to have curly hair.

17. I like girls who eat carrots.

16. I’d like to be Susan Boyle because she’s a good dancer.

15. Favorite chat-up line? *Would you marry me?*

14. Yes Kevin, Zayn is a lovely guy.

13. Stop the traffic, let them through.

12. Throw sherbet on them.

11. I’m a Bradford Bad Boy, yo!

10. Why did the mushroom go to a party?
Because he was a fungi.

9. You may not be plastic but you’re fantastic!

8. I’m a song!

7. Countdown Curly, your time is up.

6. Oh my God it’s Harry Styles!

5. I love the big red bus!

4. Swag Mastah from Doncastah!

3. It must be hard to have a relationship with a firework…”Baby you’re a firework…” – must be a long distance relationship.

2. And I’d marry  you Harry. Because it Rhymes.

1. Check man flow.

24 Best Louis Videodiary Lines 2

Even though these were good times the boys sum up years because the time goes by but what we completely love about them is the way they got our attention. They started being natural, theirselves, authentics and incredible. They caught up us and we’ll never forget them because… We’ve made History.

24 Best Louis Videodiary Lines 2

Written by CelebMix