25 Inspirational Songs

Sometimes all we need is a great song to inspire us to chase our dreams or make us feel happy, so here are 25 great songs guaranteed to inspire you.

Live Life Now-Cheryl

Live Life Now was written by Cheryl in under an hour and has had the seal of approval from Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. The track incorporates an inspirational speech from Alan Watts. The song is about you actually doing what you love for a living regardless of the pay. It’s saying that you should follow your dreams instead of chasing money. Do what you love to do.


Stars is a song that is saying no matter where you come from or who you are, you can be a success and you can be a star in whatever you choose to do. Follow your dreams.

Rise-Selena Gomez. 

Rise is a track about rising above the hate of others and not allowing yourself to be dragged down by others. It’s about being able to rise above everything and making yourself proud.

Juanita-Shania Twain

Juanita is about letting your inner voice take over so that you’re not scared to take chances. It’s a song for people who sometimes search very hard for hope, strength and courage.

These Are The Days-Omi

These Are The Days is about making sure you make as many happy memories as possible because when it’s all over these will be the days you will look back on.

Girl In The Mirror-Cheryl

Girl In The Mirror is about constantly thinking you are not good enough, even though you are. It’s saying that you need to stop picking fights with yourself because nobody is perfect.

Lucky Ones-Union J

Lucky Ones Is saying that you should be proud of who you are because you are lucky to know exactly who you were born, and that is something to celebrate.

Waiting For Lighting-Cheryl

Waiting For Lightning is about not letting your problems get the better of you and stop you from living your life. It’s saying you have to find your own light in the dark and allow yourself to be happy.

Revival-Selena Gomez

Revival is a beautiful song about going through tough times but coming out the other end much stronger and happier. It’s about making the best out of a bad situation.

She’s Not Just A Pretty Face-Shania Twain

She’s Not Just A Pretty Face is saying that women can do and be anything the want. It’s saying that you can be both beautiful and successful, because you have everything it takes.

Fight On-Cheryl

Fight On is a song about someone always being there for you no matter what. It’s saying that no matter what you are going through this person will always be there for you willing you to keep fighting.

Kill Em With Kindness-Selena Gomez

Kill Em With Kindness is all about reminding you to be kind to everyone and not letting the haters get to you. The song is the perfect anti-hate message.

Only Human-Cheryl

Only Human is a stunning song reminding you that it is OK not to be okay because you are only human and everyone makes mistakes.

Who Says-Selena Gomez

Who Says is a song about people who who believe they are not good enough, but in reality they are. It’s saying you shouldn’t allow the haters to dictate what you can and can’t do. If you can believe you can do it then you should.

Today Is Your Day-Shania Twain

Today Is Your Day is a song that reminds you that, yes life is going to kick you around sometimes but you have the power to go out there and make it good. It’s saying that if you give it your best then any-day can be your day.

Last One Standing-Cheryl

Last One Standing is a song about not letting the haters get to you, because sooner or later they are going to fall. It’s saying you should be proud of who you were born.

YOLO-Union J

YOLO is a song about not letting chances pass you by, because you only live once. It’s saying you should live your life to the full because you only get one chance to get it right.

What A Way To Wanna Be-Shania Twain

What A Way To Wanna Be is about not letting the worries of a perfect body rule your life, because nobody is perfect. It’s saying you shouldn’t be worrying about what you eat, how you dress etc and instead you should just live your life and be happy in your own skin.

Survivors-Selena Gomez

Survivors is a song about people who have gone through tough times but are nor stronger than ever. It’s saying you shouldn’t let the bad times get to you because you are a survivor.

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow-Selena Gomez

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow is a song about taking chances and making sure you have no regrets. It’s saying you shouldn’t be afraid to take a leap of faith because you only have one life.


Up!-Shania Twain

Up! Is a fun song about not letting the little things get to you. If things are going bad don’t worry about it they can only get better from here.

Hit The Lights-Selena Gomez

Hit The Lights is about making you sure you live life to the full. It’s saying you shouldn’t let life pass you by  just because you are scared to take a risk.

C’est La Vie-Shania Twain

C’est La Vie is about not letting a bad day get you down. It’s saying to just forget about the little things because it will all work itself out.

Beautiful Life-Union J

Beautiful Life is all about not letting life pass you by because you are too invested in someones else’s life. You should get out there and make your own memories.

All Is Fair-Cheryl

All Is Fair is a song about not letting haters bring you down with their nasty lies and hurtful rumours. It’s about staying strong and not being afraid.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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