30 Seconds To Mars shares the trailer of concert film “Camp Mars”

30 Seconds To Mars has released a trailer for its concert film “Camp Mars”. The movie shows the band’s experiences during their second annual adult summer camp. The camp was held in Malibu, California.

The craze for the band’s live shows is well-known. Apart from their songs that have received multiple certifications around the world, the band is well-known for their energetic shows.

The same energy can be guaranteed in the movie for the viewers. The fans will get to see two nights of performances from the band at the summer camp.

Usually, we see concert experiences through the eyes of fans but this time, we will get to see it through the bandmates’ lens. According to Jared Leto,

“I know that campers have a great time out here, but Shannon, Tomo and I have an incredible time here as well”.

Jared Leto’s voiceover provides the narrative to the film. In the trailer that gives us a sneak peek, he is seen talking about his experiences in California. He says, “It would be amazing to do something here”. Now that the band has done it, they are here to tell the story. All we can say is, we’re all ears.

Check out the trailer:

As reported by Billboard, “Camp Mars: The Concert Film” is set for release on Oct. 9 at 12 p.m. PST via Leto’s on-demand media streaming service VyRT.

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