4th Power Name Change on X Factor!

More controversy on X Factor…

The sisters – originating from the Phillipines – have had to change their name as somewhere in the world, there is another group called 4th Power. Their new name is rumoured to be ‘4th Impact.’

The girls won over our hearts with their incredible performance of ‘Bang Bang’ at their first audition. They performed ‘Proud Mary’ at Bootcamp on Sunday along with other group members Louisa Johnston, Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw, Neneth Lyons, Jasmine Leigh Morris and Andre Batchelor.

Not only do they have the vocals and the moves, but they also have the performance aspect and can get the crowd up and dancing!

The band caused a bit of controversy before as they had already appeared on reality shows around the world but X Factor has always said how it encourages performers from all backgrounds and the band has been performing together for 14 years and they are all amazing!

But the name change is set to have caused major problems for the show!

It isn’t all bad but – Little Mix had to change their name from Rhythmix because there was another band with the same name. And Union J – they had to change from Triple J to Union J when George Shelley joined.

For now though, why don’t we relive their incredible first audition?

Written by Rachel Dempster