5 Stories of Celebrities Gambling in Vegas

Celebrities throng into Las Vegas to gamble regularly. The city isn’t far from Tinsel Town, making it easily accessible. Gambling operators hold celebrities in high esteem whenever they come around because they want them to have an exhilarating experience each time.

The latest technologies are bringing rapid changes to the casino industry. Live casino sites are emerging and most prefer to wager and enjoy online casino bonuses from the comfort of their homes.

Many musicians, athletes, and actors visit Sin City to take a well- deserved break and avoid the paparazzi. It’s unarguably one of the best places to spend the weekend. Money isn’t an issue for them.

Another thing is that the rich and famous have access to different perks, making the casino floors more attractive. For instance, A-list celebrities have private exclusive gaming rooms and basketball courts.

Here are some celebrities that are regulars in Las Vegas and their stories.


Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is unarguably a Sin City legend. He struggled with gambling addiction for several years and wasn’t really after the entertainment. According to his ex-wife, Dennis Richards, he allegedly spent around a whooping sum of $200,000 per week on gambling activities.

Apart from that, he was said to have been busy betting on a sporting event as the pair were heading to the hospital for the birth of their baby. There are rumors that those days are already behind him.


Ben Affleck


Celebrities tend to have different habits they love engaging in. Ben Affleck mastered the art of counting cards to the extent of winning the house at the Hard Rock. In a bid to improve his poker skills, he even hired professional poker players.

He won $140,000 during a single session of Blackjack and gave it to waitresses and other employees in the casino. He has been banned from some Las Vegas Casinos such as the Hard Rock Cafe.


Tiger Woods


He is known for gambling in high roller private suites with other sports stars that include Michael Jordan. There are rumors that he’s a high stake gambler who can bet up to $25,000 or more. In fact, he has lost nearly $50m to gambling over the years.

It’s not surprising that he is treated like royalty each time he visits casinos in Las Vegas.


George Clooney


George Clooney has been a regular in Las Vegas before starring in Ocean’s 11. He has always been expressive about his gambling passion. His aunt was a vibrant performer in the city.

Despite the fact that he isn’t that lucky with gambling and has encountered some losses in Blackjack, he still gambles in casinos. His love for gambling motivated him to partner with Brad Pitt to build a hotel-casino.

However, this was thwarted by some developers who offered to pay $202m. He made up to 150% profit when the property was finally sold.


Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra and his music group, the Rat Pack contributed immensely to the Las Vegas popularity during the 50s. Top hotels switched off their neon signs to pay him respect when he died in 1998. Frank spent a considerable amount of time in the Sin City, singing and gambling.

His presence in a casino alone had the power to attract A-list celebrities and the rich.

These are just a few of the celebrities that love gambling in Las Vegas. Bruce Willis, Rafael Nadal, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, and Jennifer Lopez are gambling enthusiasts too. Some celebrities are privy about their gambling habit while others are not ashamed to admit it.

Written by CelebMix