5 Things Celebrities Swear by to Stay Healthy

With access to top trainers, chefs, and wellness treatments, it’s no surprise that celebrities often embody the vision of peak health. While it can be both intimidating and aspirational, there’s no denying that most of us would love to be in on their secrets, if not their privileges. So, how can you tap into their secrets? We’ve broken down 5 of the things celebrities swear by and how you can start doing them in your own life to take your health to the next level. 

#1: CBD

There are countless celebrities advocating the health benefits of CBD oil nowadays. From more expected sources like Seth Rogen and Tommy Chong to Kristen Bell and Alessandra Ambrosio. With its ability to relieve pain, cancer-related side effects, as well as anxiety and depression, without the psychoactive effects, it’s clear why so many people are turning to this “miracle drug”.  

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#2: HIIT Workouts 

You’ve likely heard of high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT workouts, by now. Some of the best bodies in the music industry have relied on HIIT to keep them in top physical condition when prepping for tours and maintaining their physique. From Britney Spears to JLO, HIIT training is proven to be an effective workout thanks to its ability to tone muscles and burn fat at an impressive rate. 

Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer, you can try HIIT workouts at home with tools like the Keelo app.

#3: Food Journaling

For many of us, it’s easy to eat mindlessly when you barely have enough time to get all of your work done in the day, let alone prepare healthy meals. This often leads to us grabbing whatever’s convenient and overeating when it comes to snacking as we work. And unfortunately, these calories can add up quickly throughout the day, putting you well over your recommended food intake. However, some celebrities have a solution for mindless eating—food journaling. Carrie Underwood uses food journaling to track her diet, which helps her make conscious choices to eat healthier. 

MyFitnessPal or the See How You Eat app are both popular options for digital food journaling. You can also go old school and use a bound journal as well.

#4: No Smoking or Drinking

From purely aesthetic reasons like lip wrinkles and an aged appearance, to serious health issues like lung cancer, liver problems, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the benefits of quitting drinking and smoking are virtually endless. 

While they might have access to some of the highest-profile parties in the world and access to complimentary bottles almost everywhere they go, many celebrities abstain from drinking alcohol. Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities who doesn’t drink. Despite her husband owning a gin label, Blake Lively doesn’t drink either. Jennifer Lopez also stays away from booze and cigarettes for skincare reasons, and you can’t argue that she has aged flawlessly. Many other notable celebrities have quit smoking over the years for the sake of their health including Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, and Gisele Bundchen.

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#5: Veganism

While many people choose to go vegan because of ethical reasons, there are also many health benefits associated with the lifestyle. Veganism has been linked to lower risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, and improved kidney function. Many celebrities, including Zac Efron and Serena Williams, who have tried the diet as an experiment have touted the benefits that have made them committed to sticking to it.

If you’re interested but find it hard to find vegan substitutes for your favorite dishes or restaurants, use the Happy Cow app as your guide.

Other Celebrity Health Tips & Tricks to Try

In addition to these 5 health secrets, there are plenty of other celebrity-approved tips and tricks to try: 

  • Only indulge in sweets once a week or special occasions (like Christmas and holidays)
  • Find a hobby like gardening to keep you busy when cravings strike
  • Start your day with green tea and a protein shake
  • Eat four small meals per day, instead of three larger ones
  • Follow the 80:20 rule (eating healthy 80% of the time) 

Whether you’re trying to get healthier to protect yourself from coronavirus or simply want to start leading a better lifestyle, these tips are worth a try to boost your health.

Written by Monella