5SOS Announce Livestreams for the New Broken Scene!

Last year, 5 Seconds of Summer created an awesome convention that they named ‘Derp Con’, a big competition created for fans to travel to Los Angeles, visit some exclusive live shows and meet the boys themselves.


This year, they are hosting a similar event and calling it “The New Broken Scene,” which is a lyric from their recent single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’. They released this news a little while ago, but they only uncovered the news that they were projecting live streams of some “New Broken Scene” events today.


5SOS have decided to do this for the fans that won’t be at the event; the fans that won’t be able to join in with all of the fun, so that they too can get a little taste of what “The New Broken Scene” is all about.


We can’t wait!

Written by CelebMix