Aerosmith: Joe Perry Hospitalized


The Bad Boys from Boston otherwise known by their band name Aerosmith, have hit the point in their career where old age is getting the better of the rock stars. The magicians behind the hit track, Dream On are now facing health problems affecting the lead vocalist Joe Perry that caused the band to cancel all their shows and announce his return no sooner than the next year. Although the artist was very sick and apologetic after the concert with Billy Joel when Perry was taken in by the ambulances to the nearest hospital while having his lungs cleared along the way to keep him alive. The situation was very serious as the artist faced critical conditions through time and was lucky to be alive, according to the doctors.

The Band’s Reaction:

Aerosmith is often considered and referred to as the best rock and roll band in American history and has been performing at countless tours and concerts as such. Keeping their image in the eyes of the public as glamorous and rough around the edges as they can, the band managed to keep it clean and together throughout their career but according to their fans, their time is close to its climax and it would be very understandable if the band retires. According to the band manager and the publicists of Joe Perry, the show will go on even if it takes the whole year for the artist to fully recover from the health conditions that he is facing. According to the doctors, Perry has been playing a little too much than he should be and therefore caused his lungs to not circulate more oxygen around the body causing breathing problems that led to the abrupt ending to the concert with Billy Joel that ultimately resulted in Perry being hospitalized.


Although the public is very disappointed in the fact that all of the tickets and anticipated events that they were planning to follow throughout the year have been canceled, they are not in any way less obsessed with their favorite artists. Perry was very concerned about the way his fans would be feeling after the collapse on the show with Billy Joel. After gaining enough consciousness to be able to get online, the guitarist tweeted that he was very sorry about the cancellation of the rest of the tours and events of this year’s calendar but this is surely not the end. Hinting at yet another year of the rock band’s magical performance for the public to enjoy, the artist has left the people to wonder exactly how long will the reign of Aerosmith last now that it is reaching its inevitable end.


The members of the band have reported being very cautious of themselves following the recent problems of coming to terms with old age and a changing world that doesn’t slow down. The band has expressed its concern for the future generations and hopes that whether it be mobile spy apps or the next cutting-edge discovery that changes the world, the music should definitely live on and the show must go on.

Written by CelebMix