ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Martin’s ‘Impossible To Hold’

Christina Martin is one of Canada’s top exporting artists who is continuing to grow her fanbase across the globe. She has a unique talent for synthesizing Americana and pop/rock styles into sleek and engaging music with empowering messages.

The multi-award winning artist is now gearing up for the release of her brand new album ‘Impossible To Hold’ which will be released worldwide on March 23rd.

The lyrically wonderment LP opens with the sonically engaging title-track that features soaring vocals from Martin, strong storytelling lyrics that will resonate with many listeners. The song has a stellar production and it’s a great start to the album.

Up next is the bouncy, toe-tapping ‘Always Reminding’. This is a great departure from the opening song’s more stripped back sound and it’s a real standout on the record. It has a dark vibe overlayed with a drum and bass production that adds another element to the track.

The third song on the ‘Impossible To Hold’ album is the mesmerising, melancholy ‘Deep Dark Red’. Once again Christina bounces between dance vibes to soulful, dark lyrics with an almost pessimistic production. It’s a great addition to the album and this will be many fans’ favourite.

At number 4 is ‘Keep Me Calm’. This is more thought-provoking track that features light and dark lyrics that highlight the hopes of a relationship. It’s a rather sweet song that is one of my favourites off the record and Martin’s vocals bring the track to life.

Next on the LP is the synthesized ‘Foreign’ this is another twist away from the music that has featured on the record so far and it showcases the musical styles this talented musician is capable of creating. The heavy production really bring the track to life and add another level to the lyrics.

At number 6 is the gorgeously stripped back ‘Winter’. Once again Christina Martin changes musical direction and this introduces us to an almost classical style. It’s a beautiful song with a soaring musical arrangement that builds to fantastic crescendo.

The 7th song on the LP is ‘Lungs Are Burning’. This one has much more of a pop element compared to the other songs on the album. It has a brilliantly catchy, ear-worm of a chorus and it’s probably my favourite on the album.

At number 8 is ‘Noise and Toys’ which opens with a brilliant, haunting lyrics over an incredible guitar riff. It’s a perfect mix of all the albums musical styles and it really highlights Martin’s soaring vocal range.

‘Where The Dark Meets The Light’ is at number 9 and it has much more of an Americana feel to it compared to the others songs on the LP. It has brilliant lyrics that really make you fall in love with the song. It’s a real standout on the record.

‘Impossible To Hold’ comes to a close with the stripped back ballad ‘Lay You Down’. It’s a great way to end the album as it incorporates all the elements of the overall sound and highlights everything good about Christina Martin’s talents.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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