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Album Review: Erin K’s “Little Torch”

We previously introduced you to rising singer and songwriter Erin Kleh when she released her truly genius single, “Assholio,” a few months ago but time has passed and Erin K has been busy making a name for herself in the world of music. She has since released yet another incredible single called, “No Control,” which you can listen to here, announced a tour with Rocketta, and is now preparing to unveil her latest album, “Little Torch,” which we were so excited to get the chance to review ahead of its release today.

The international musician is very quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. She has stunning good looks, distinctive vocals which aren’t heard in the music charts nowadays, and bucket-loads of talent which we think is going to carry her far.

Erin K’s latest offering, “Little Torch,” comes in the form of a ten-song masterpiece. Here at CelebMix, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive first listen to the album and the chance to review it before it was unleashed upon the rest of the world. So without further ado, this is what we thought of it all the way from track one to track ten!

No Control
No Control is Erin K’s newest single and honestly, it is probably one of her best songs to date so we’re very happy that she decided to release it ahead of this album. It is truly a wonderful and unique track which sums her up to a tee. Everything from her isolated vocals at the beginning of the song to the insanely catchy outro at the end is flawless.

When she was previously asked about this song, Erin K said that she wrote it about a girl who feels out of control in a relationship. “I’m very proud of this song and I’m excited to finally share it,” she said and we couldn’t agree more. She should be proud of this song and we predict that when she is hitting the big time in a few years, this will be one of the tracks she is remembered for.

Pay To Play
Pay To Play starts off with the winning combination of Erin K’s gorgeous vocals and a melody that is so gentle it almost lulls you to sleep… But in a good way! It’s very soothing and definitely something that we could see ourselves playing while we are tanning on the beach on a hot summer’s day. It’s amazing, and the unique sounds that build into the song as it plays are super refreshing. Overall, this is a perfect song and it is definitely in the running to be one of our favourites on the entire album.

We introduced you to this song a couple of months ago and we’re totally not ashamed to admit that we have had it on repeat ever since. Assholio was written in the aftermath of a trying morning in the city of London when Erin K pulled a mattress over herself to build a, “sound-proof fort,” to separate herself from the, “constant drilling,” outside of her house.

The song portrays this morning flawlessly and it makes you feel like you are travelling through time with her, going through the motions and experiencing every little frustration and annoyance that she is feeling. It doesn’t take you long to feel totally immersed in this quirky and rather fast-paced song and before you know it, you are taking a journey right alongside Erin K.

Off To Bologna (Saving Centipedes)
Off To Bologna is another one of the songs on this album which we could see ourselves enjoying on the beach on a hot summer’s day. It gives off some serious island vibes which is a contrast to the quirky, off the cuff lyrics which Erin K penned. But we love this song so much and it is definitely a song that we needed in our lives!

I Fell For Your Face
I Fell For Your Face is quite similar to the previous song on this album in the sense that it features the soothing sound of the ukulele which makes you feel as though you should be listening to it on a beach somewhere. In general, it is a great song which wouldn’t look out of place in the background of a romantic movie. You know, in one of those scenes towards the end of the movie when the camera will slowly pan out of a peaceful-looking, sunset-covered beach which has a couple walking hand-in-hand on it.

Beautiful Monkeeh
If the title of this song doesn’t make you want to stop everything you’re doing and listen to it then our review of it certainly should… Trust us when we say that this is a song that you need to hear. It’s one of the stand-out tracks on this album and with good reason! It may only be two minutes and fourteen seconds long but it packs so much into that short time.

Erin K uses a variety of different instruments, to create a distinctive and catchy sound which she combines with quirky lyrics like, “it’s hard to know what you want when you do not use any words,” and, “I sit here drawing my fox octopus,” to make a song that we are going to have on repeat for a very long time. It’s an incredibly unique song which is unlike anything that is in the music charts today, yet it perfectly defines Erin K’s extraordinary way of thinking and proves that her individuality is what makes her an artist to watch out for.

Dum Da Dum Song
Dum Da Dum is yet another unique song which is unlike anything else that is out today… Okay, so we realise how many times we have said that during this review but it’s true! Erin K is in a league of her own, showcasing her natural talent through fun melodies that stick in your head for days on end and innovative lyrics that you want to scribble all over the front of your notebook. This song is another shining example of all of that and we are definitely going to have to replay it a few hundred times once we have finished writing this review.

I Just Ate S***
I Just Ate S*** is probably the most fun song on, “Little Torch,” with its funny lyrics which are both sung and spoken through Erin K’s mesmerizing voice. The lines that she actually sings in this song are great but what really stood out to us was her ability to carry a story and to take the listener on a journey through spoken words which seamlessly blended into the almost jungle-inspired background music.

Dare we say that Coins is the best song on this album? Because it is really something special! It’s a very refreshing, toe-tapping, single worthy song which we really, really love.

Couldn’t starts with a sweet melody that soon combines with Erin K’s gorgeous tone to produce a much softer track which is rather different to the others on this album. It is a stand alone track and we really hope that it is released as an official single at some point because it really highlights Erin K’s effortlessly natural talent and complete originality. It is the perfect end to a perfect collection of songs.

And there you have it. We love, “Little Torch,” so much and we think that it is going to do incredible things for Erin K’s budding career.

If you enjoyed Erin K’s album as much as we did, then why don’t you check her out when she hits the road from the 23rd April? Take a look at her upcoming tour dates below.

Erin K

Little Torch,” is out right now and you can buy and stream your copy of it right here!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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