Alexandra Stan Collaborates With Japanese Artist TOMORO On New Single “Casino Lights”

Alexandra Stan has teamed up with a Japanese artist, known as TOMORO, for the brand new single “Casino Lights”, and we are addicted to the track after just one play. This release follows up TOMORO’s single “PARTY MAKER” which features Hi-D, and Alexandra Stan’s latest single “I Think I Love It“.

First starting out as a rapper, TOMORO has now turned to DJing in his brand new project, collaborating with some high-profiled international stars, including Sean Kingston and Nice & Smooth – according to his website with the help of Google Translate – and of course, Alexandra Stan. He clearly wants to make an impact, and that has taken him all over the world, from California to Ibiza. Recently, TOMORO and Alexandra Stan came together for a Japan 2019 tour, in which they promoted their new single “Casino Lights”.

As for Alexandra Stan, she hit it worldwide with her single “Mr Saxobeat”; since then, she has been continuing her career by releasing awesome songs and collaborating with some big names including INNA, Daddy Yankee, Antonia, Mohombi, and Manuel Riva. She’s definitely someone to keep watching, especially since she’s already been a global success, and with her dedication and incredible vocals, she will surely do it again. She’s been living in Los Angeles for the past year, whilst working on new music. Her recent release, “I Think I Love It”, started a whole new era for this musician and sees her sign a new record deal with Universal Music Romania and MediaPro Music – we’re excited about this new era.

This isn’t the first time Alexandra Stan has dipped in the Japanese market, she previously released the song “Cherry Pop” which was influenced by Japanese music as well as “Favorite Game” which was the soundtrack to Japanese movie Miko Girl and was released just in Japan. She also releases her albums in Japan weeks and sometimes months prior to the international version. She has quite the fanbase over there, and we’re sure this collaboration will boost her Japanese following.

Listen To TOMORO’s New Single “Casino Lights” Featuring Alexandra Stan Here:

Hard electro-techno opens the song with a robotic voice of TOMORO introducing the track as if we’re live at one of his DJ sets. Alexandra Stan’s vocals kick in next which are on fire from start to finish. The beat is catchy and unstoppable, whilst the lyrics remind us of something Kylie Minogue would’ve released in the ’90s only with a very 2019 electro remix sound. The end of the chorus has definitely got us hearing J-Pop as TOMORO’s robotic voice is interpolated with Alexandra Stan’s. He takes over for the second verse, and his voice is something you will get used to after some time – it reminds us of the male vocal in Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”. It’s the chorus that certainly gets stuck in one’s head and we’re sure it’ll become TOMORO’s most-streamed song on Spotify within the next week or so.

“Casino Lights” is available to download and stream right now, via tomolution entertainment system.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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