Alexandra Stan Has Dropped A Thrace Remix Version Of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”

In an exclusive for Virgin Radio Romania, Alexandra Stan has covered Madonna’s iconic song “Like A Virgin”. Thrace has switched it up to make it a catchy dance track. Talk about making an old song current once again.

This Romanian superstar gained international success with her song “Mr Saxobeat“. Since then she has released club hit after club hit. This is her first officially released cover version. It has been released as an EP with four different versions of the track.

Her sweet vocals with the upbeat backing track brings summer rays and ocean waves. It takes you away to that sunny holiday you had, where you ended up sunbathing on a boat in the middle of the water.

Remixed by Thrace, real name Cristian Tarcea; he has remixed some of the biggest songs, mainly making his name by remixing Inna’s “Heaven” and “Rendez Vous”.

Listen to the Thrace Rework of Alexandra Stan’s “Like A Virgin” here:

This is the first time we’ve heard new music from Alexandra Stan since she dropped her third studio album “Alesta” during March 2016.

The song totally brings summery vibes, it could be the direction she has taken for her next album. She recently released “9 Lives” in collaboration with Jahmmi; it will, more than likely, be her last single to be released from “Alesta”.

We can’t wait for new music from Alexandra Stan; but, while we wait, we shall be replaying this summery club version of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”. Bring on the summer.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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