Anne-Marie Releases Fourth ‘Karate With Anne-Marie’ Episode

Anne-Marie’s ‘Karate With Anne-Marie’ YouTube series is quickly becoming our favourite part of the week. Having already teamed up with The Vamps and Roman Kemp, episode four sees her taking it on alone and teaching us a Kata.

With a Kata being described by the lady herself as a ‘strong dance’ we’re not sure what’s coming up. We’re taught a section of a Kata called Heian Godan, which we can confirm does look a little like a dance. To put this into practice we’re shown the Bunkai, a practical application of what we’ve been taught with an attacker. Anne-Marie is almost beaten up by guest Alex but with the Heian Godan she’s shown off she manages to save herself.

Karate and Anne-Marie have a long-running history, the former triple world champion released her debut EP in 2015 naming it after the sport. It’s great to see her showing a new side of her, away from the music and we’re looking forward to seeing which friends she gets on board next.

We’re not sure if we’re more excited about the fact Anne-Marie is heading out on tour this month and then again in May and June. Or for more episodes of Karate With Anne-Marie, we’re still crossing our fingers we get an email inviting us to join in one week. We can dream!

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Written by Nicola Craig

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