Anne-Marie Releases ‘Perfect To Me’ Video

Anne-Marie has released the video for her feel good, self-love themed single Perfect To Me. In between creating episodes of Karate With Anne-Marie and going on tour across the UK, she’s managed to find time to rework Perfect taken from her debut album Speak Your Mind.

Every time we listen to the track we instantly feel better, realising that our flaws are okay and that’s what makes us special. ‘I’m okay with not being perfect, ’cause that’s perfect to me’ is the key and important message to be taken from the track. The video opens with Anne-Marie explaining how what ‘Perfect’ from when she was little it being winning a sport, teenager being as skinny as possible to right now; being different to everyone else in the whole world. This spoken opening sets the scene for a simply stunning video which sees Anne-Marie and a variety of different people introduced to the viewers. Throughout the video we see everyone describing what ‘Perfect’ is to them. More often than not struggling at the start to answer, this ranges from appearance with a ‘Barbie body’ to the feeling of being ‘truly you’ and being the way someone feels inside of their body instead of how they look. Anne-Marie defines perfect to me as ‘Freedom. Freedom to feel how you want to feel and do what you want to do. As long as you’re being good to people.’

We even see her getting a new cowgirl look, which despite looking great in we can tell she just isn’t feeling it as the video goes on and her look gets even more edited. As the track evolves the extensions come out, the make-up comes off and the fake nails are removed; quickly. Whilst taking off everything which makes her ‘perfect’ a line which stands out is ‘This is your time, time for your life to be yours‘ and something within makes this effortlessly moving. Drawing to a close the video sees everyone featured reuniting with Anne-Marie to pull funny faces and generally just have a great time.


To celebrate the release of the track, the 2002 singer has asked fans to get involved with a fan based official lyric video. In order to take part you just need to pick any line from Perfect To Me and get creative; write it, sign language it, write it out of pizza crusts (Anne-Marie’s idea) and film it horizontally. Once you’re happy with it send it to before the 19th November.

We absolutely love Perfect To Me and can’t wait to hear it live at one of her upcoming live shows. Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know what perfect means to you!

Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.