Antonia Releases New Single And Music Video Titled “Adio” Featuring Connect-R

This week sees Antonia drop a brand new track with Connect-R. The song is called “Adio” and an accompanying music video was dropped alongside it. The video launched its way up the Romanian YouTube Trending chart, hitting the top spot. It’s clear she has another hit on her hands.

The release of the song follows up her previous single “Amya“; continuing her run of Romanian-language singles. We previously had “Dor de Tine“, and then “Iubirea Mea“; surely an album is on its way since she hasn’t released a follow-up to her 2015 debut “This Is Antonia”; yet, she has released a lot of singles since then. To see all these songs alongside unheard tracks on one LP would be incredible.

Featuring on the track is Connect-R, whose real name is Stefan Mihalache. He is a Romanian hip-hop artist who has released some hit songs and worked with some of the top Romanian acts. He’s mostly known for his excessive collaborations with DJ Sava and Raluka (who we interviewed last year). He also featured on Eurovision 2012 Romanian representative, Mandinga’s single “Ce Poveste” and Alexandra Stan’s single “Vanilla Chocolat”. He has also had a number of solo Romanian hits, his best being “Still” featuring Chris Mayer and “Vara nu dorm”.

Watch Antonia’s Music Video To “Adio” Featuring Connect-R Here:

The song was composed and written by Alexandru Cotoi and Stefan Mihalache (Connect-R), while the music video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar. The song’s title, “Adio”, means “Goodbye” in English and the artists sing about saying goodbye to a partner as it’s clear the relationship isn’t going to work out.

The music video starts with a narrative that shows a couple arguing. Their story is intercut by scenes from Connect-R and Antonia separately. Both artists are fashionable, with Antonia wearing a wool coat, with a wet hair look that will no doubt become all the range in 2018. The song is an expressive pop-ballad that is rich with emotion.

The narration scenes see the couple spending some alone time and realising that they aren’t meant to be together. At the end, they say their goodbyes, we presume, and tears pour down the woman’s cheeks.

This is quite the wintry single from Antonia, something we wouldn’t normally expect from her, yet it shows how versatile she really is. “Adio” is available to download and stream right now, released on Global Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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