Artist 101: Road Trip

This guide contains everything you need to know about boy band Road Trip.

Who are the members?

Andy Fowler

Brooklyn Gibson

Ryan (Rye) Beaumont

Mikey Cobban

Jack Duff

When are their birthdays?

Andy – 16 February 1994

Brooklyn – 1 October 1998

Ryan (Rye) – 24 January 1996

Mikey – 21 March 1996

Jack – 6 July 1999

What is their most popular song?

‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’

What else should I know about Road Trip?

Road Trip became a five-piece at the end of 2016. The band initially started with Andy and Rye and gained members Brooklyn, Mikey and finally Jack. The band have embarked on several headline tours and are currently on their ‘Miss Taken EP Tour.’ There are several cities left on the tour – Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham and Dublin. You can buy tickets to the tour by clicking here. In 2016, Road Trip were also involved in Magcon. The band are set to release their debut E.P. in April, featuring songs such as ‘Miss Taken,’ ‘I Wasn’t Worried’ and ‘Doing That Thing You Do.’ You can pre-order their E.P. here.

What are their social media links?

YouTube Channel





Written by Rachel Dempster