Ashlee Keating releases new single “Hurt Me So Good”

Music is the medium of expression both for the artist as well as the listener. Ashlee Keating had spent two years in the studio working on her sound and music. She had also been exploring her side as a songwriter to deliver what she deems “honest” songs.

Typical of any skillful artist, Keating writes songs from her personal experience and hopes that the listeners would relate to them as much as she does. Resonance is precisely what she seems to be expecting and aiming for.

The singer has recently released her single “Hurts Me So Good” which talks about the dangerous yearning of a lover. While talking about the sound and explaining the theme of her new track, Keating said,

“My song “Hurt Me So Good” brings out a fierce sassy side to me that hasn’t really been seen yet. It’s an upbeat pop/dance song with a little bit of a rock vibe mixed with urban melodic lyrics in the verses. I wanted to do something unique and different showing who I really am, my most authentic self. I was inspired to write this song by realistic situations in my life that can be very relatable to lots of people going through toxic relationships. The message behind it is talking about being with a guy that hurts me so good, but I love the pain so I keep on going back when I know I shouldn’t.”

Keating might still be carving a niche of her own but the singer isn’t “new” to the industry. Keating has been a singer as well as an actor, who first appeared as a series regular on “Al Alberts TV Showcase” on Channel 6 ABC in Philadelphia, PA performing weekly as a featured solo artist. A professional in her field, the singer has opened for several popular artists including Demi Lovato, Keke Palmer, Raven Symone, Jasmine Sullivan, and others.

The release of “Hurt Me So Good” will soon be followed with the release of Keating’s EP. Considering her powerful vocals and music, she is definitely an artist to look out for.

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