Ashley Greene Talks About Brand New Film “Antiquities”

There’s a brand new film coming out, titled Antiquities, which stars Ashley Greene, who is best known for playing Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga films. In Antiquities, she plays the love interest of the main character, named Ellie. It’s very different from Alice and really allows Ashley Greene to show off her acting ability.

We recently published our film review of Antiquities, and we’ve got some exciting articles coming up to whet your appetite, and this is certainly the first one. The film had its world premiere on June 16 at Dances With Films festival.

Ashley Greene took some time out to talk about the film itself and her character.

“I was excited to be a part of Antiquities because there is something so endearing and authentic about the story, even in the wild scenarios we’re thrown into. The characters are outrageous, but the themes at heart are relatable.

“Ellie (who I play) can’t bring herself to face the pain of the loss of her brother so she deflects and uses comedy. She thrives in making others uncomfortable with her brazen, inappropriate, yet hilarious comments and behavior. It takes someone like Walt, who has recently suffered a similar loss, to help her get past that.

“I’ve never portrayed a character like Ellie… honestly I was terrified, but it was such an incredible experience and I’m so proud to have been a part of the film.”

Check Out The Trailer To Antiquities Here:

The film has been directed by Daniel Campbell and was filmed completely in Arkansas. If you haven’t already, check out our film review of Antiquities.

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