Ashley J Releases Music Video For Recently Released Single “Satisfied”

We finally have a music video for Ashley J’s incredible track “Satisfied“. This track is certainly a favourite of ours and will be the title-track from her forthcoming debut EP, which is expected to drop in Spring. “Trapped” and “Unbreakable” are also expected to appear on the EP.

This music video has been teased by Ashley J, on her social media, for the past week or so. It was directed by Shaun Norris, with Rameh Echeverri acting as co-director. As for the song, it was recorded in Canada with producers Adrian Rezza and Lucas Rezza.

In our previous article about the song’s release, we said: “‘Satisfied‘ is one of the most experimental sounds from her EP, crossing the paths between 00’s electronic-house and mainstream-dance music. This is certainly a grower of a track that fully shows Ashley J’s vocals off brilliantly.”

The music video easily relates to the track. We thought the music video to “Unbreakable” was Ashley J’s best music video; however, with the release of the “Satisfied” music video, we’re going to take that back, because this one certainly is her best music video to date.

Watch Ashley J’s Music Video To “Satisfied” Here:

It’s clear that Ashley J is growing as an artist because her music videos are just becoming more and more incredible. This one has both a performance and a narrative side. We watch Ashley J and her on-screen love interest get into an argument in a car over a text he received; the car subsequently crashes, leaving Ashley J with flashback memories of her relationship; all before she wakes up in hospital.

As for the performance side of this music video, we watch her translate the lyrics into an engaging dance sequence. She easily conveys the meaning of the song with her moves, adding a new light to her own abilities.

Satisfied” is available to download and stream right now. The EP is expected to follow in Spring.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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