#Auguest is back!

As you may know, each August, youtuber Tyler Oakley, posts a video every single weekday. Not only do we get loaded with videos from our favourite sassy youtuber, but every video is a collaboration with other youtubers! (I said youtuber way too many times).

He calls it Auguest! (Thats a good play on words there.)

One of my personal favourites last year was the ‘Disney Challenge’ with Zoella, which he also did in 2013’s Auguest, they look adorable in their little disney accessories. I LOVE Tyler, Zoe and Disney so the video was a perfect for me.

My other favourite was his video with Superfruit (Scott and Mitch). They do the ‘Eat The Weiner’ challenge. Its a little bit messy but the boys are hilarious together and I was in fits of laughter when I first watched it, I still laugh as much now. I waited so long for a video from them.


And last but not least we have the classic ‘7 Seconds Challenge’ with Tanya Burr. Some of the things Tanya comes out with make me laugh so much and her and Tyler are so adorable in this video. Tanya even starts to sing a song about her poo in it. Its weirdly great.

After rewatching all of #Auguest again I am so ready to see the first video of it tomorrow. I wonder who Tyler will collab with, I can’t wait!

Watch Tylers Auguest and other collaborations here.

Written by CelebMix