Aura Dione Releases Poptastic New Track “Indian Giver”

Danish pop-princess Aura Dione, or simply Aura, as she likes to call herself right now, is finally back! After returning into our consciousness with her tremendous comeback single “Love Somebody” this May, the singer decided to follow up on her effort this Friday when she debuted a brand new track.

The beauty is titled “Indian Giver” and is everything you could wish for in a pop song. It combines all the ingredients you need for a truly great track. You get snaps, claps, whistles, a big hook, an even bigger chorus, an incredibly catchy post-chorus and, hold on tight, even banjos. All of that is paired with Aura’s recognizable voice and ends up being one of the most memorable songs you might listen to this fall.

Sounds good? Well, correct. It is really, really good.

“Indian Giver” arrives as a beautiful reminder of why we need Aura’s music in our lives so badly. It is easy-going, fun and pop-y to the max. It is also a perfect contender for your end-of-the-summer-parties.

The track itself arrives in anticipation of her soon-to-be-released third studio album. According to recent posts on her Facebook posts, the singer is currently still working on its completion so fans have to be a bit patient.

But until its release, we at least have “Indian Giver” and can jam to it day and night.

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Written by Heiko

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