B.A.P and guns are inseparable! Watch their newest MV, “SKYDIVE”

B.A.P is one of the K-pop boy groups who always come up with edgy and dramatic music videos. They have continued their legacy of being rebellious and heathens since their debut. The group debuted in 2011 and consist of six members.

B.A.P definitely amazed their fans with the newest music video of Skydive from their 2nd full studio album “Noir.” The 10-minute music video shows B.A.P as a gang who goes head to head with their rivals and steal their money. The video is amazingly directed and the dance choreography is on point. Apart from that, their costume goes really well with the concept and their whole getup highlights every character.

[Keep in mind that this MV contains a lot of violence and killing scenes.]

Watch SKYDIVE below!

We can skydive free fall
Skydive free fall

We can skydive we go
To the wide world
I jump, Go to the other side

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Written by Sana Parvayz

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