Barei Has Teamed Up With Her Own Fan Base B-Fighters For Charity Single “Impulso”

This is definitely a first in our book. Barei has teamed up with her own fan base, named B-Fighters, for a charity single, titled “Impulso”. Not only that, but the lyrics of the song was created in collaboration with her fans on Twitter; using the hashtag “#NuestraPrimeraCancionJuntos”, Barei and her fans wrote “Impulso”.

If that wasn’t enough, her fans then flew to Madrid and recorded the song and its music video with Barei. Talk about a dream come true. The song has been a hit, rising quickly up the Spanish iTunes chart – which isn’t a surprise at all.

This charity single will benefit UNHCR and ANIDAN Association. The former is officially United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and sees the money go to lasting solutions to the situation of refugees and to provide them with protection. As for the latter, they help to finance projects in Lamu, Kenya. Surely that’s enough for you to download and stream this song right now? Besides that, the song is definitely catchy and something we can’t stop listening to.

If you weren’t aware of who Barei is, she represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song “Say Yay!”; it was one of our favourites, but unfortunately it only scored her 77 points, placing her 22nd. Since then, she released an anti-bullying anthem titled “I Don’t Need To Be You“; and, followed that up, with three awesome singles released week-on-week, titled “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry“. The latter featured rapper Porta, and also had a music video released for it.

There was a music video released at the same time as the release of this single. It was directed by Francisco Guardado. It’s a pure black and white visual showing Barei meeting her B-Fighters and they all going into the studio to record the song together.

Watch The Music Video To B-Fighters & Barei’s “Impulso” Here:

The song means “Impulse” in English, if you couldn’t have guessed. It’s catchy with a prominent piano playing in the backing track. Barei’s vocals are on point throughout whilst B-Fighters bring group harmonies and add their perfect voices.

It sure is a grower of a song, and if you don’t know Spanish, that’s all cool, because we have no doubt you’ll be singing along to the song in no time. It is destined to be a hit in Spain, but it deserves to go global, because it shows how genuine and dedicated Barei is to her fans – and that really does pay off in the end.

So, we urge you to download and stream the track right now, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen To B-Fighters & Barei’s “Impulso” Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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