Bebe Rexha Teams Up With Gryffin on New Dance-Pop Song “Body Back”

The latest release of Gryffin was unexpected in more than one way. But unexpected is usually a sign that something will end up being very, very good.

Two days ago, DJ and producer Gryffin decided to share the news that he will release one more song on Friday, in anticipation of his upcoming studio album “Gravity” which will follow next week.

In the post announcement , he explained that the track is titled “Body Back” and “is for the OG Gryffin fans”. Credited as the official vocalist is Maia Wright.

And, yes, we have to admit, Gryffin was very right. We listened to “Body Back” today more times than we would like to say and have to tell you: this is extremely good. “Body Back” is truly a thank you gift for his OG fans. The euphoric dance-pop track immediately sweeps us away and takes us into extreme heights of joy. While listening to it, we just want to dance dance dance and not stop. This new release contains all the right elements: a perfect build-up, Gryffin’s original music production as well as a chorus that will blow you away (not to mention the fact that the post-chorus drop is pure ecstasy, the way we haven’t felt it with a Gryffin song for a while).

So how does this track -which obviously Bebe Rexha did not sing- still make it a collaboration?  Well, let’s look at the credits: the track was written by Gryffin (obviously), Pär Westerlund as well as long-term Bebe collaborators Mitch Allen and Lauren Christy (the latter co-wrote for instance “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” and “I Got You”). And then, we also see her: Bebe Rexha herself has a writing credit on “Body Back”. So while she did not sing on the new song, she collaborated behind the scenes with the DJ. Plus you can also ‘hear’ her if you pay close attention to the way the lyrics are sung.

Listen to the “new Bebe collaboration” right here:

“Body Back” arrives as the 13th track off of Gryffin’s upcoming studio album. It follows collaborations with Carly Rae Jepsen (“OMG”), AlunaGeorge (“Baggage”) and Elley Duhé (“Tie Me Down”), to name only a few. “Gravity” will be available for purchase and streaming starting next week.

“Body Back” was released via Darkroom / Geffen Records. It is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. Find yours by clicking here.

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