Promotional photo for "To Miss You" which sees Blair Davie posing against a green background with his arms behind their head, wearing a blue denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He has dark ginger curly hair, a short beard, and colourful eyeliner.
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Blair Davie lets us in with the heartfelt warm pop-rock single “To Miss You”

Deciding not to hold back, Blair Davie stuns us all with the heartfelt warm pop-rock single, titled “To Miss You”. Making an impact that will hit every listener right through to our souls, this is one track that is set to stay with us for days on end. This is the follow-up to their previous single “Him, Hymn”.

Blair Davie (he/they) is a Scottish-born, London-based singer-songwriter who has only recently been releasing solo material but has already gained notability and credibility. He is a seasonal performer, having fronted bands in the past, and he has now used his experience to date to focus on their solo work. After a challenging 2020, Blair Davie decided to focus on himself and he went on to amass 12k followers on TikTok, been officially playlisted on Spotify, toured the UK and Europe with the likes of JP Cooper, Emeli Sandé, and Fatherson, and sold out their first headline show at London’s Laylow. He draws from a variety of inspirations for his music, including dealing with self-acceptance, his bisexuality, anxiety, loss, and heartbreak; but also the beauty that life can offer. He already has tens of thousands of Spotify streams, with “Him, Hymn” being their most-streamed track on the platform, which was their own personal approach to coming out to their family and friends. His determination, unforgettable voice, and undeniable songwriting skills are what will certainly make Blair Davie someone we all should be watching.

Written by Blair Davie and Oli Bayston, while it has been produced by Joe Rubel, “To Miss You” is a powerful, heartfelt indie-pop/rock anthem that allows this singer-songwriter to unleash all their emotional integrity. Full of cherishing grit and a captivating chorus, this newly released song is guaranteed to warm hearts as he delves into missing a loved one. Roughly two-thirds into the track, the music sounds like it’s coming to an end, but Blair Davie isn’t ready to stop and builds an unforgettable bridge that will certainly stay with every listener for the rest of the day as he throws everything he has into the track and it fully pays off. Full of addicting indie-rock vibes surrounding their incredible hypnotic vocals, “To Miss You” fully allows Blair Davie to showcase the sort of artist he is.

Talking about the track, Blair Davie said: “I wrote ‘To Miss You’ when I was miles away from home. It was the first time I’d been apart from my family for longer than a month and I felt this heavy weight of loneliness, in a new city where I barely knew anyone. Then a couple of weeks before heading home I met someone who showed me that it’s better to love and feel all the emotions that come with that, than to never feel at all. ‘To Miss You’ is a reminder to myself that missing people and going through heartbreak, loss and finding love that makes it hurt when you’re apart can be beautiful things because they show how much we care for other humans.”

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