Blindspot Season 2 Trailer is Here!

In the season finale of Blindspot, a furious Kurt found out that Jane Doe was not Taylor Shaw and arrested her for making him believe she was. Mayfair is dead which means Kurt will now officially be in charge and there is still a nameless anti-government conspiracy lurking the streets led by the mysterious Shepherd. Although we did find out Jane wasn’t Taylor, this only means that we’re back to square one of having no idea on what her real name is and who this group is that she was involved in before she had her memory wiped.

Two new cast additions, however, may help us figure out who Jane is as Luke Mitchell (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and Michelle Hurd (Daredevil) will join season 2 as members of the anti-government conspiracy group. Luke Mitchell will be playing Roman, somebody Jane knew in her past. Michelle’s character is still unnamed.

The Blindspot dropped their incredible trailer yesterday before their panel at SDCC and this season is definitely going to be full of information we’ve been waiting so long to hear!

Season 2 of Blindspot will begin with a 3 month time jump. In those 3 months we find out that Jane has repeatedly been tortured and tested on. The first episode will reveal Jane’s real name and what her background is, which will be extremely satisfying for all the fans. We are also expected to meet Jane’s past leader, Shepherd, at some point throughout the season.

We see the team having to work alongside Jane again as she is their best lead to all crimes going on around the world even if they refuse to trust her. Jane accepts their request of continuing to be a part of the FBI, however, as soon as they have taken down Shepherd and the rest of his group, she wants out. Jane just wants to make things right between her and the FBI where Kurt only responds with, “Mayfair is dead, Jane. There’s no making this right.”

This season will be full of hate, a lot of fight scenes between Kurt and Jane and a couple new faces. It’s going to be intense for sure. The team will hopefully crack plenty more tattoos in order to take down Jane’s previous alliances. We can only hope that this will show Kurt and the others that Jane will always be on their side and we can have everything back to normal for a hopeful season 3!

Check out Blindspot’s Season 2 trailer here:



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