Bon Jovi Releases Song, ‘Unbroken’ for Military Documentary

Bon Jovi is back with new music! The band, lead by Jon Bon Jovi released their new song and music video, “Unbroken,” for the upcoming documentary, To Be of Service. 

The documentary, by Josh Aronson, follows war veterans suffering from PTSD and the positive impact being paired with service dogs has on their lives.

To Be of Service will hit theaters this month, coinciding with Veterans Day and Election Day.

“Unbroken” follows the perspective of a young soldier and what they went through and have seen while serving in the military.

All proceeds from the song will go towards the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders in need.

You will have many emotions listening to “Unbroken.” If you know someone who is or has served in the military, it will hit home for you. If you know someone suffering from PTSD, it may affect you a lot. It is a powerful song that can reunite America and encourage people to hug their loved ones a little tighter.

Although not part of their upcoming album, Bon Jovi is planning to release a new record in 2020. This will follow 2016′ This House is Not for Sale, in which the band just finished touring for.

Jon Bon Jovi recently told Extra, it will be a “real statement album.” It won’t be political per se, but more socially conscious of what is happening in the world- The Amazon, hurricanes, etc.

Thank you Bon Jovi for making this song and calling awareness to this issue.

Go see To Be of Service in theaters this month. God Bless all who have served, are serving, and will serve. We cannot thank you enough.

If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD or mental health issues, please call 1-800-273-8255.

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Written by Brittany Sims

Brittany is a 2019 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Her love for writing started as a child and grew from there. When she started becoming obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, Brittany decided to start a career in Journalism.