BONNIE X CLYDE explore hip hop and rock sound on new single “Curse”

BONNIE X CLYDE are back with their latest single, “Curse” – exploring a hip hop and rock sound.

BONNIE X CLYDE - "Curse" single artwork

“Curse” is a dark, atmospheric hip hop-inspired track with a pulsing guitar riff throughout the chorus, an electronic-esque drop, and a strong vocal delivery from Bonnie. With the track, BONNIE X CLYDE wanted to take their listeners on a journey that they would usually experience at their live shows, while lyrically, it explores how someone can feel like they are “under the spell of someone”.

“Inspiration for this song sonically came from our background of loving hip hop, rock, and electronic music,” the duo had to say about the track. “Heavy guitar riffs, lots of bass, lots of vocal chops/vocal manipulation.

“Lyrically the inspiration also comes from hip hop. When we originally wrote the lyrics, we felt the rhythm and vibe of the vocal was quick, to the point, and drove you like a rap song.

“The song is about how you can be under the spell of someone and feel like a victim to their energy. It’s dark but uplifting, and intense but sultry.”

The song follows on the from the release of the duo’s previous single “Bad Behavior” – which we previously covered – and they have plenty more new music in the works, and are currently embarking on their Bad Behavior tour across the US. Watch this space!

“Curse” is out now, and you can listen to it below:

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