Brandon Stansell Releases Christmas Single “Not The Same At Christmastime”

We have another Christmas song, and it’s from Country male singer Brandon Stansell. Released this week, “Not The Same At Christmastime” is another original that is destined to slide into festive playlists this year.

Having only released his debut album last month, titled “Slow Down“, Brandon Stansell continues to give to his fans by releasing this Christmas song. It’s clear that the future is very bright for him, and we cannot wait to follow his every footstep.

This song was written by Brandon Stansell through encouragement from AMMO Music Management, with the help of Jeffrey James and Aaron Aiken who brought it to life. This is a heartfelt emotional track that really allows the listeners to connect with his feelings towards this year’s festive season.

Stream Brandon Stansell’s “Not The Same At Christmas Time” Here:

This ballad easily shows off Brandon Stansell’s infectious vocals. He impresses by pouring so much emotion into the song. It’s so personal that it hits all of us in our hearts, whilst still managing to bring the Christmas-spirit with the festive backing track.

It has a soulful side to it; not everyone has the best time at Christmas and Brandon Stansell has really channelled this. He sings about letting go of the past, and how difficult it can be during the festive season.

Upon the release, he promoted the song through his social media channels, as he explained what the song means to him and why it is such a personal track.

Check Out Brandon Stansell Explaining The Track On Instagram Here:

We adore this song and Brandon Stansell has certainly dug deep with every single lyric. We urge you to download and stream the track now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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