Brendon Urie Covers Halsey

Panic! At the Disco’s main man, Brendon Urie did a cover of Halsey’s New Americana, and it was a grade A ++ ballad.

Brendon Urie Covers Halsey 1

During a Periscope last week, Brendon sang Halsey’s single from Badlands. During his performance he had a wee oops moment when he accidentally got a lyric wrong. He stopped the performance briefly to correct it and then continued.

Admittedly none of us have left the Badlands since we were introduced to the subconscious land in musical forum and are waiting for our Roman Holiday. Brendon, himself is a Halsey stan and very proud of it, he even admitted to loving her album saying, “That’s a great song, shout out Halsey. Sup girl. Got yourself a good album there.”

Thankfully an amazing fan managed to upload the video to YouTube so we can watch it over and over again!

To watch the EPIC performance click the highlighted text: Brendon Urie Covering New Americana by Halsey 

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Written by CelebMix