Britain’s Got Talent Week 3 Review: Nutty

“This is an act, I’m not on a journey,” proclaims vibrantly-dressed drag queen Ruby Murry on Britain’s Got Talent. Consider another common TV trope successfully confined to the history books.

That’s what BGT continued to deliver for its third auditions show – it defied expectations, feeling as fresh as ever in the process. Take Colin Henry, who turned piano on its head – literally – by tickling the ivories upside down. Facing away from the instrument, no less. Joker judge David lightened the mood further as he golden-buzzed quirky vocal duo Ian and Anne Marshall. This being a Walliams choice the vocals were naff, but even Simon was won over by their character and nutty charm.

Quirky…Ian and Anne has David stepping on, not reaching for, gold

We witnessed plenty of seemingly-traditional performers adding twists to familiar talents. Maintenance worker Craig Ball spiced up Miley Cyrus by impersonating different celebs (real and fictional) every line of the tune. Ranging from Morgan Freeman to Gollum, most impressions hit the mark – and the single was sung better than by Miley herself!

Dancer Balance grooved his way through different eras and genres of dance, showing off a near-perfect moonwalk and even delivering a nod to Susan Boyle’s infamous “one side of me” gag. Oh, and one other audition we should mention – THE DINOSAUR. Don’t question it, just watch. And marvel.

Proceedings ended on a slightly dull note, we’re afraid to report, for the first time this year. We met singers Emma Winter and Kathleen Jenkins, both of whom were very nervous. One was good, one was not. That’s all there was to it really. We just wish the show had ended with extra helpings of variety like we’d been seeing all evening – and all series.

Barring that tiny blip, this episode was once again sublime. 10 years in, Britain’s Got Talent still delivers entirely on what it set out to achieve – surprising at every corner.

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Written by CelebMix