Bronnie Announces Debut EP Titled “Social Rejex”

After teasing her fans all day yesterday; Bronnie announced her debut EP, “Social Rejex”. The EP has four unheard tracks, including a remastered and a live acoustic version of “High School Sucks“. It will be officially released on 5 May 2017.

Bronnie is currently on the Alstar Music EP Tour that plans on hitting Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh within the next week or so.

Her debut EP has been something Bronnie has been aiming for; she even revealed that it was part of her future dreams in our first interview with her. Now it’s finally here, and it’s clear there is a lot of excitement for “Social Rejex”.

Check Out Bronnie’s Teaser Video For Her Debut EP Here:

Upon the pre-order of Bronnie’s debut EP; you will get “High School Sucks (Live Acoustic)” instant grat single. This live recording was taken at LIPA, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The song is a much more stripped back version of the single she originally released; which was to be expected since it’s an acoustic version of the song. The song is counted in, at the start, adding an extra flavour to the track. Bronnie’s vocals are clear and crisp throughout. The song is just as good as an acoustic version and will follow on perfectly from the soon-to-be-released ballad “Imaginary Friend”, on the EP.

The tracklist for the EP is as follows:

  • Social Rejex
  • High School Sucks (Remastered)
  • Imaginary Friend
  • High School Sucks (Live Acoustic)

It’s clear that Bronnie’s debut EP is going to be one we all need to listen to on repeat. Her previous singles “Modern Day Christmas”, “High School Sucks” and “Scared Much“, have already proven her amazing capabilities as an artist; this EP will help her to further establish herself.

The BronDogs have been out in full force, promoting her EP, check out the tweets below:

After the Alstar Music EP Tour, Bronnie is set to perform at Tranmere Rovers Stadium for Wirral Live on 21 May 2017. Little Mix will be headlining with special guest Conor Maynard, as well as Bronnie. She has also just finished supporting The Tide on their Put The Cuffs On Me Tour. She exclusively talked to CelebMix about extensively touring.

How excited are you for Bronnie’s debut EP? Which track can you not wait to hear? Tell us everything on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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