Brooklyn Queen Releases Music Video for "Feeling So Wavy"

Brooklyn Queen Releases Music Video for “Feeling So Wavy”

You’re never too young to start following your dreams, and that’s what hip-hop artist, Brooklyn Queen, proves at just 12-years-old. Need the proof? Her latest music video for “Feeling So Wavy” has already been watched over 99,000 times on YouTube!

Despite critics being skeptic about her age, Brooklyn Queen continues to prove that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Additional to the YouTube views, The Detroit based rapper has a total of 91.4 thousand followers on Instagram, 470 thousand YouTube subscribers, 110 thousand followers, and almost 10 thousand followers on Twitter. I mean, how impressive is that!?

Some say you got lucky, but it’s truly the hard work and dedication that got her to where she is today. Aside her obvious talent, another thing we we love about Brooklyn Queen is that she wants to uses her success as an example for other young girls. She wants to show them that anything is possible when you follow your dreams.And that’s what she does on social media and with her music.

“Feeling So Wavy,” is all about feeling good about yourself, which is once again another positive message that Brooklyn Queen is sending to young girls. Throughout the video, Brooklyn Queen struts her stuff and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. She’s 12, she’s confident, and in our eyes, she’s a superstar.

Want more? You can catch Brooklyn Queen on her own show on Music Choice, which will air sometime in the Summer.

Till then, check out her music video for “Feeling So Wavy” below!

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