BTS Debuts New Hair Colors in ‘Her’ Concept Photos

Just days after BTS released their comeback trailer, their label – Big Hit Entertainment – shared official concept photos to accompany the group’s upcoming Her album, and the first thing fans have noticed is a change in the members’ hair colors.

The most noticeable changes are Suga with teal, J-Hope with dark orange/red, and Rap Monster with strawberry blonde hair. Meanwhile, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and V all have varying shades of brunette and blonde.

The announcement of new hair colors may seem trivial to some, but to those who are in the BTS fandom (the ARMY), the reveal is huge, especially since the seven members have been hiding their new hairstyles in recent photos with hats and other accessories.

The change in their looks is a result of their new era, which will complement their upcoming mini album titled Love Yourself: Her, which is part of the Love Yourself series.

In the pictures released by Big Hit Entertainment, the concept photos come from the ‘L’ and ‘O’ versions of the Her album. Still yet to be released are the photos for the ‘V’ and ‘E’ versions.

The upcoming album is the first to be available through Amazon, which will make it more affordable for fans in North America to purchase, since they no longer have to pay for excessive shipping costs to have it delivered from South Korea. According to Amazon, fans who pre-order the album will receive one of four versions of the Her album, either ‘L,’ ‘O,’ ‘V,’ or ‘E’. They will also receive a photobook, stickers, and a poster, among other items.

The number of pre-orders surpassed over 1 million copies just days after becoming available on the shopping site, which makes BTS the first K pop group to achieve that feat.

Love Yourself: Her will be released on September 18th. To pre-order the album, click here.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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