Burnt Set to sizzle the Screens on October 30

Bradley Cooper fans would not have to wait for a very long time to see him setting fire to the screen again. The Hangover Actor has one of his much awaited movies Burnt scheduled to release this October.

Cooper’s next has already started appearing in posters and promotional advertisements with the eye-catching tagline “Never Underestimate the man with everything to lose.” Cooper has earlier played interesting roles in movies like the Silver Linings Playbook, the Hangover Trilogy and American Hustle.  In this movie Bradley Cooper plays the role of a chef who wants to re-establish himself and end up in Paris with a restaurant having three Michelin stars. Here’s presenting a trailer of the movie.


John Wells and Steven Knights, make a great duo in directing and writing the movie based on the story by Michael Kalesniko. Adam Jones (Cooper) is the protagonist who is on a verge of losing everything he has ever dreamt of due to his irresponsible nature and unpredictable behaviour. He seems to be a man torn between his fire of ambition and self -doubt. His journey in the kitchen as a chef and whether he succeeds in fulfilling his long term goals are what catches the attention of the audience.

After his last movie, also a romantic comedy Aloha failed to impress the audience; Burnt has double the expectations to impress them. The movie also stars Sienna Miller of Alfie fame, Omar Sy famous for his role and awards for The Intouchables, Daniel Bruhl of Inglorious Bastards, Golden Globe Winner Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson who starred in the Harry Potter series and also as the lead in Nanny McPhee.

Being a multi-starrer with renowned actors from the Industry, Burnt is most awaited and highly anticipated by the viewers. The scheduled date of release is on the 30th of October. It is now only a matter of days till it hits the screens and we get an official verdict on the overall score of the movie.

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Written by CelebMix