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Camila Cabello releases the music video for “Liar”

With a fervour for cinematic storytelling, Camila Cabello has been offering compelling narratives since her debut as a soloist. Combining music, poetic lyrics, and spellbinding presentation, the artist offers a coherent experience to her audience that leaves a memorable aftertaste, forcing them to interpret, think, and explore more.

Her new era “Romance” is the continuation of her love for stories and this time, the story is about love. Seeming to explore different hues of romantic love, Camila is deconstructing the emotion as a physical entity, breaking it down and presenting us with the raw and the not-so-often seen aspects. With the exercise that primarily involves self and its relation with others, the artist is not just baring her soul but also reflecting on her understanding of the world, keeping the romance as the key backdrop.

After the successful release of Shameless, Camila has finally revealed the music video for the follow-up single “Liar”. With a direction that would make one immediately recall Salvador Dali, we see the singer stuck in a perpetual nightmare loop, as she explores relationships with her lovers in the video. Trying to escape cheating, a giant elephant and cycle riders, Camila is shown losing the control of her life. The exaggeration in terms of presentation hints towards “ridicule” of how the female protagonist perceives her condition and the impact it has on her life. But as Camila starts to speak up, her pain recedes and she is back in her bed and in her reality.

Liar is a brilliant re-telling of traditional fairy tales. Instead of a prince, the princess takes ownership, saves herself and find her own lover. The disruption of the convention is both deliberate and powerful. Sonically, the song seems to be an extension of “Havana” wherein Camila Cabello keeps her roots as the foundation of her music.

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