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CAPPA Sweeps Us Off Our Feet With New Song “There With You Baby”

It’s a Bop (Part 2)! CAPPA returns with her latest release titled “There With You Baby” and it is just the song we needed at the moment!

Just a couple of weeks after her latest release, “Change My Mind” – the charming collaboration with Yuppycult -, CAPPA returns today to serve us her latest offering.

The release titled “There With You Baby” arrives as single number two from her upcoming EP and so far we have to admit that CAPPA is 2 for 2 when it comes to debuting hits this year.

“There With You Baby” is an especially infectious release that will get you hooked right from the start. Lyrically, CAPPA “wanted the song to capture that beginning feeling in a relationship when you feel like anything could happen and maybe love isn’t all that bad.” Musically, the song is as uptempo as you could imagine. Filled with an electronic, dancefloor-ready beat and witty lyrics, it’s as bubbly a pop song as possible. Always with a twinkle in its eye and a smile on its face, “There With You Baby” will bring you joy on the first and on the 300th listen.


Get hooked and listen to the track right here:

“There With You Baby” was released via CAPPA Music today. Production was handled by The Wavys. The track is now available to stream and purchase on the digital retailer of your choice!

A new EP is in the making and will most likely be released this summer.

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