Carla’s Dreams & Inna Team Up On New Single “Tu si eu” For Lidl Romania

Once again, Carla’s Dreams and Inna have come together for an awesome new track. This stunning Romanian song, titled “Tu si eu”, has been released in promotion of Lidl Romania, who has used the song for their adverts. This is the third collaboration between Inna and Carla’s Dreams, following on from Carla’s Dreams’ 2013 single “P.O.H.U.I.” and Dara’s 2014 single “Fie ce-o fie” which featured both artists as well as Antonia.

This isn’t the first song from Inna titled “Tu si eu”, she previously released one in 2012 which was a Romanian version of her song “Crazy Sexy Wild”. It was the Romanian version that charted well in her home country. However, this new collaboration is not a cover version of that song, so make sure you don’t confuse the two.

The song has already been climbing up the Shazam charts in Romania, due to the Lidl television advert. The song has over 10,000 Shazams, and we reckon it will continue to gain more. The advert in question is all about family, how love comes about, and how life turns out. It’s such a sweet advert that easily represents Lidl in every way.

Watch The Lidl Romania Advert That Uses Carla’s Dreams & Inna’s “Tu si eu” Here:

A few days after the release of the Lidl advert, Carla’s Dreams released the music video to “Tu si eu” on YouTube. This visual accompanies the song beautifully as we watch love unfold in all its glory.

We firstly watch a boy throw paper balls at a girl in class, during the first few scenes. As they wave each other goodbye we know there’s going to be more to this story. We see the boy flipping through a magazine, wanting the bicycle advertised inside, so he gets his piggy bank and starts to save up. The next scene of the narrative sees our two main characters as teenagers walking together, they spot a couple playing with a dog and it’s clear the girl wants a puppy; so, the teenage boy does the cutest thing, he goes home and breaks open his piggy bank, after looking at the BMX bike posters on the wall; and, buys the teenage girl a labrador retriever puppy.

The narrative plays on as we see our male character get in a fight outside a club over her; she goes off to university and he goes looking for her. The ending sees them arrive at her parents’ house with children of their own. It’s such an endearing music video; so sweet.

As for the performance side of the visual, it’s very relaxed. Carla’s Dreams and Inna perform on sofas, in a comfortable room. The sole focus of the video is on the narrative, but it’s nice to see Carla’s Dreams and Inna break up the scenes with their relaxed, fun, and chilled performance. The music video was directed by Roman Burlaca, who has previously directed G Girls’ “Call The Police” and Carla’s Dreams’ “Sub pielea mMea”. George Secrieru acted as director of photography.

Watch The Music Video For Carla’s Dreams’ New Single “Tu si eu” Feat. Inna

Back in 2013, when these two collaborated on “P.O.H.U.I.”, the song became a Romanian hit, charting at number three. Will this follow suit? We reckon it will do even better, especially with promotion coming from Lidl Romania, who are encouraging people to Shazam the song during their adverts.

“Tu si eu” is available to download and stream now. It was released by the record label Global Records.

What do you make of this new collaboration between Carla’s Dreams & Inna? What are your feelings towards “Tu si eu” and its accompanying music video? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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