Cascada Releases Unforgettably Catchy Single “Back For Good”

Finally, Cascada have released their first single of 2018 and gosh is it a banger. We were teased about it a few weeks ago, and we knew we’d love it, but we weren’t so prepared for the full-length track. “Back For Good” has arrived in time for summer, but does this mean the trio are back for good? Or is it just another non-album single release? Time will tell. This song follows up previous single “Playground” which was the official song of the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship.

Cascada are a three-piece group consisting of Natalie Horler, Manian (Manuel Reuter), and Yanou (Yann Peifer), the latter two members are DJs and have had many solo hits between them, but it’s as Cascada where they’ve had hit after hit after hit. Early on in their career, they released chart-successful covers of club classics, such as “Everytime We Touch”, “Truly Madly Deeply”, and “What Hurts The Most”; it wasn’t until they released “Evacuate The Dancefloor” when they hit the limelight, charting at number one in the UK, Israel, the Netherlands, and Scotland; it charted in the top ten of many countries around the whole world. They haven’t been able to chart as successfully since, but as the chart numbers dwindled, the full-on banging treasures came out, and if you haven’t listened to their songs since then, you have definitely been missing out. They also represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with “Glorious” coming 21st. Since then, they’ve been touring around the world, and releasing the occasional one-off single here and there. Fans are hoping that the title of this new song alone suggests that more music is on its way – we can only hope.

This brand new song was written by Andres Ballinas, Manuel Reuter, and Yann Peifer. We feel like the new track is an ode to their older songs as it feels like they’ve taken a club classic and remixed it for the current times; instead, it’s a complete original which just goes to show how talented Cascada are.

Listen To Cascada’s New Single “Back For Good” Here:

We can’t stop playing this song. Natalie Horler’s vocals are pure dance perfection, as usual. She’s connected with the song perfectly and the repeated chorus doesn’t get old at all – unlike other songs we’ve come across; only Natalie Horler can sing a repeated line and make us sing along every time. Her voice is full of power whilst bringing great falsetto and sensual twists to make this song, one you’d request whilst clubbing. Manian and Yanou do an incredible job with the backing track, it’s full of beats a brilliant loop arrangement, and it’s very current, mixing Cascada into 2018.

“Back For Good” is available to download and stream right now via Zooland Digital. If you missed our previous article about the teaser of the track, check it out, we discuss why we think this single means Cascada might be back for good – we are hoping. Cascada’s last album was 2011’s “Original Me”, we’re in need of a new studio LP.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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