Cascada Announces New Single “Back For Good” And Releases Teaser

After a very long wait, Cascada is ready to drop their first single of 2018, titled “Back For Good”. Now, we don’t want to get our hopes up, but the title of this song alone suggests that Cascada is back for good, this time, and ready to dominate the world-over, yet again – we so hope that’s true. This song will officially be released on 20 July 2018, and a teaser of the song appeared on their official YouTube channel on 10 July 2018. The single will officially follow-up “Playground” which was the official song for the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship.

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NEW SINGLE out July 20th? #newsong #backforgood #soexcited ???

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The cover looks so good. Cascada admitted in February 2017 that they were focusing on singles and have no plans to release an album. Since then we’ve received “Run” and “Playground“. They also previously released non-album singles “Blink”, “Madness”, and “Reason”. For those of you recognising a pattern, the non-album singles are all one word, whereas this new one that is subtly titled as “Back For Good” contains three – so it does beg to question whether there’s a new album on the way.

At the moment, Natalie Horler is non-stop touring, performing here, there, and everywhere, which is possibly the reason why they’ve only focused on singles, she’s still got quite the hectic tour schedule leading all the way up to September, yet they’ve managed to find time to record and release this single – we just hope it’s not a long wait until the next one.

Listen To Cascada’s Teaser Of New Single “Back For Good” Here:

It’s distinctly Cascada with an air of the 80’s and 90’s club classics, it’s almost as if they’ve remixed something dated and refreshed it for today’s market – which is something Cascada used to do back in the day with cover single releases that became hits. Now, they bring original tracks to the table, and this one deserves to be a hit because it’s taking a similar to style to Cascada’s early years and wrapping it up in a fresh new track.

“Back For Good” is available to pre-order now and will drop officially on 20 July 2018. We’re presuming that a music video will be released to accompany it either on the same day or a few days later, since all their previous singles have been given a visual.

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