CelebMix Interview: Ashley Jordyn from ‘Orange is the New Black’

Fans of the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black were introduced two the Little Debbie Killers, Barbara and Carol Denning, whose story lingered on throughout the course of season six. Through present day scenes and flashback scenes, audiences followed the two’s rivalry which SPOILER ALERT led to their ultimate undoing. We had a chance to chat with a member of the iconic duo, young Carol, portrayed by Ashley Jordyn. Fans remember Carol’s upbringing as hostile. She literally would draw out murder plans in her notebook. Yikes. Check out our interview with the budding actress below. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

CelebMix: Let’s jump right into your scene-stealing role as ½ of the iconic duo, Carol. How did this role come your way? What was the audition process like for this character?
Ashley Jordyn: My agent sent me the audition notice on a Thursday for a Friday afternoon audition. It was a typical TV audition. They send you sides, I think it was about 7 pages, so you have less than 24 hours to prepare what you’re going to do. You do your best and then let it go…so much is out of your control, so you just do the work and let that be enough- luckily this is a part of the work that I really enjoy. My agent contacted me Saturday morning with the offer while I was in the car on my way upstate to go canoeing. I celebrated and then spent the day relaxing, knowing that I was about to have a busy week. We started shooting on that Tuesday morning.

CM: Once you landed the role, I read that you were given pieces of your full story. So, having said that, how did you go about getting into character based off the scenes you got to film?
AJ: I start technically. I figure out what the story is and then how I can best help make that story happen. Then I play around with the physicality of the character, ultimately settling on where Carol is in my body, then I go to set and let all the work go.  

CM: Fans have been smitten by your character and Barb’s. What’s your reaction to hearing such positive feedback?
AJ: It’s been surreal and amazing. The fans have been so supportive and responsive, they are truly passionate about the show. 

CM: Can you tell us a bit what the atmosphere’s like on set? What was a typical day like for you?
AJ: The atmosphere was both professional and warm. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Typically, I would get to set a little earlier than my call time, which varied, because it stresses me out to be running late, and I wanted to have a little time to decompress, get a coffee, etc. before they needed me. I would go to my room and remain ready and available until the PA’s needed to send me to hair and makeup. After I changed into wardrobe, I headed to set. Sometimes we might have a quick rehearsal for camera and lighting, but then we’d start shooting.

CM: Everyone has different reasons but for you, why do you think OITNB is a show worth watching if someone isn’t binge watching it already?
AJ: I think the unique blend of humor and drama is what initially makes OITNB worth watching. It can tackle real world dilemmas and issues and never feel like it’s too heavy.  But the talented ensemble cast is why you stay. The characters and their stories, their joys and heartbreak and daily struggles—that’s why you stay.

CM: You’re a multi-talented actress from writing, filmmaking, directing and more. Is there one you favor over the other or wish to learn much more about?
AJ: I think I love acting the most because it requires you to constantly grow and change and explore and experiment. That keeps me engaged. I’m learning directing and there are things I really love, things that make me a better actor because I have to learn how to think like a director, but there is still so much I don’t know, which is also part of what I love about it.  

CM: What’s next for you that we can keep an eye out for?
AJ: I have a few things in development but nothing I can talk about just yet.


Written by Ashley Bulayo

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